Whats Really in Your Bed While You’re Sleeping?

What’s really in bed with you while your sleeping……? 🛌 💤 How often to change your sheets and WHY!!!

Posted by Infinity Skin + Body on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hey everyone, Taryn here, from Infinity Skin and Body, and I am here to tell you guys what’s really in your bed while you are sleeping! So pretty much todays video is in relation to how often you should change your pillowcases. Everyone has different opinions, some people say you should change your sheets and pillow cases every two days, some people say every 7 to 14 days, now I am going to be the middleman and say, every week. Every single week right on the seven day mark.

You have to remember throughout the week, we come home, we shower, we wash our faces, we wash our bodies to make ourselves feel clean and fresh. So why not look at your pillow cases in the same way? We’re sleeping on them eight or more hours a night and we are in our bed a lot of the time. We spend half of our life sleeping, apparently.

When you think about it we are sleeping on a build up of dead skin cells, oil from our skin, oil from our hair, sweat, and other substances and that will all be absorbed into your pillow cases and imagine how built up that could get. All of this is building up in your sheets and your pillowcases, you’ve just had a shower and done your skincare to go to bed thinking everything is all clean.
The last thing that you really want think about is how dirty your face is actually getting while you are sleeping. If you want to be that person that changes their pillow cases every second day that’s great! My advice would be definitely at least every seven days. If you go 14 days you’re definitely pushing it and this could be the cause of your break outs, blackheads, irritated skin and other skin conditions.

So make sure that you are 100% changing your pillowcases weekly people, weekly! Not fortnightly, not monthly, weekly!
This also ensures that you are keeping your environment and surroundings clean. If you are not cleaning things regularly, this can also lower your immune system, and trigger things such as asthma or allergies from what you are breathing in throughout the night. This will assist you with looking after your skin and looking after your body.

And last, but not least, you can actually use silk pillowcases because they don’t grip as much on your skin and they are not as absorbent as cotton pillow cases and you can actually get some silk pillow cases that are lined/ woven with silver. Silver can actually kill any bacteria that builds up on it. Another way to help is to prevent the amount of dead skin that gets built up by ensuring that you were exfoliating about twice a week.

So just to recap. Chang your sheets every two days or at least every seven days which will help keep your skin clean, prevent breakouts, blackheads, skin irritation, flare ups, manage pre-mature ageing, boost your immune system and keep you all round clean and healthy!

There you go guys, please just change the sheets. Keep it clean, keep it fresh. Live life to the best. I’ll see you guys next week. Bye.

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