What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Hi everyone taryn from infinity here for one of our new lockdown lives. Now this week, we have actually chosen something a little bit different, something the guys might not know about.
So essentially, what we are talking about is called sorry, keratosis pilaris. And essentially what it is, they look like a little tiny bumps that can be on top of the skin. Generally, there are mainly found on the upper half of your arms, but essentially can appear on the cheeks as well as your legs and your bum as well. They’re like little tiny bumps that need to be red, they could be skin coloured.
They could be a few different colours, depending on what your skin type is or what colour skin you have as well. Now everyone’s probably thinking, what are these bumps?
So essentially what they are is that they are buildup of dead skin, okay? And they are going up of dead skin in around the hair follicle. And that’s why you get that bumpy feeling. Some people sometimes call it chicken skin.
Hi, how are you going and you know there are different ways that you can manage this at home as well. So with keratosis pilaris, it is something that is mainly found in people that have psoriasis or eczema or those sort of skin conditions as well. Because they’re more of a drier skin on their body.
Okay. You know, it is sometimes recognised as a few different things. So sometimes look like little pimples, and some people try to squeeze them and nothing comes out and they can’t figure out what is going on.
But, you know there are different ways that you can actually look after it at home as well. So stay tuned for this week to find out a little bit more about it. Tammy’s gonna go over exactly what happens when this sort of thing happens in the formation of the it.
So stay tuned guys, and we will see you tomorrow. And then later in the week, we’ll go through treatments and a few other things that you can do at home to sort of keep this sort of thing under control.
Enjoy your night. Bye.

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