Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris

Hi, everybody. It’s cassie from infinity here. So this week we have been talking about keratosis pilaris. And if you haven’t already watched the previous videos, taryn for the first video went on about what it looks like. And then tammy spoke about what are the causes of it. And just to point out that it’s really important, I think to, identify what the causes for it.
So then obviously when you’re treating it and working on it, you can help it. A lot better. So I highly recommend for you to go and watch those and I am talking to you today about the treatments that we would offer if you were suffering with the keratosis pilaris. So the first one we would probably recommend for you to get started is a microdermabrasion.
So if you’ve watched the previous videos, you’d understand that it is built up keratin in the skin, in your follicles. And so we want to kinda exfoliate it and remove it and just help break that keratin down. So a microdermabrasion is going to be great for that.
So, yeah, and then you would go into some enzyme treatments, which is going to bring fresh oxygen to your cells.
Which will then bring extra nourishment to the cells. Because when you’re dealing with the problem or the condition, it’s usually really dry. So this is going to help hydrate and bring nourishment to the area. And as taryn said, it’s a lot of and I think tammy mentioned this as well, a lot of the psoriasis and eczema conditions do suffer with this problem as well. So it’s really dry and dried out.
S so this is just going to help boost that hydration for you with the enzyme. And we are doing those treatments for at home as well, so you can order one for an at home treatment.
So another one another treatment we can go down is peels. So we have a couple of options of peels. But all in all, they are filled with aha’s and bha’s, which are very exfoliating for the skin.
And as well it is hydrating for you too, so it’s that double action. So but when you’re doing a peel, you want to make sure that your skin is prepped properly with the right skin care just so you could get the best results and make sure your skin is strong enough and healthy enough to get the peels.
Although you can still get a 20% lactic peel if you haven’t had any skin preparation. So there is that option too, which is a hydrating and exfoliating treatment still as well.
Another treatment you could go down so there is a couple, and it would be customised individually to each client and where their skin’s at. So we would obviously customise the journey to you.
But I would recommend skin needling as well, because that’s just going to get your skin cell regulate properly and kind of get the ball rolling. Obviously, you’ve got that built up of dead skin cells. So somewhere along your somewhere along the line, your cells have kind of slowed down in the process of being able to shed itself naturally.
So skin needling is a great tool to kind of regulate that and get things going in a more proper way. And as well, if you get a bit of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation such a long word.
It helps with that, too, with helping with the scarring. If you did get scarring from the condition so and another great treatment for that is ipl as well. So that is some of the treatments we would recommend here infinity skin and body.
If you are suffering with this condition, please reach out. We’re still offering the free skin consultations, so we can have a chat you and have the best plan tailored to yourself. So yeah, hope you’ve gotten a little bit of information from that. Tune in tomorrow for our live where we’ll be going through your recommended morning skincare routine if you have keratosis pilaris. It’s hard word to say, and I hope everyone staying safe and keeping happy and make sure you just try and stay connected to one another and support one another.
Be kind and yeah. Take care everybody and i’ll see you guys around the internet. Bye.

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