Taryn’s introduction to the week’s live (Internal Health)

Hello, everyone. And welcome to a new fresh week of our facebook lives. So this week we are actually going to, go through a few things and you know what? So far, we’ve gone through quite a lot. We’ve gone through anti ageing. We’ve gone through acne. We’ve gone through rosacea and capillaries.
We’ve gone through a variation of different things as well. Whereas this week, we’re actually going to go internally. So this week we’re going to go through, you know, gut health. We’re also going to go through clean eating. We’re also going to go through stress and anxiety, different supplements, different things that are going to help you at home cause internal health is just as important as external health. When it comes to your skin, essentially what happens is whatever is going on internally usually shows in one way or another externally.
So stay tuned for this week, guys, because it’s going to be an exciting week, full of learning all about everything internal. So stay tuned, especially if you guys are curious about what are the different things you can do to be healthier, feel happier and also get that naturally glowing skin that you are all after.
Obviously, everyone is different. So you know we can customise things. But yes, stay tuned this week it’s going to be a beauty.
Have a good day, guys. And make sure that you go outside and get some vitamin d with your sunscreen on. Thanks. Bye.

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