Taryn Talks SPF Sunscreen for the Skin!

Sunscreen.. Which one do you wear to protect your skin and When to wear it?? 🌞

Posted by Infinity Skin + Body on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Hey, everyone is Taryn here from Infinity Skin and Body. I just want to have a chat with everybody a little bit about the importance of SPF Sunscreen!

Now I’ve had a lot of new clients coming in telling me that they only wear sunscreen when it’s sunny. Well, the truth is that you need to actually wear sunscreen every single day.

There is rain, hail sunshine doesn’t matter that dangerous UVA and UVB is still there, even when the sun isn’t out.

Okay, another question that always comes up is which one do I wear?  So for full protection for your skin every single day, you are best off wearing every 30 plus or 50 plus. Now, there isn’t much difference in the protection between those two, but they will protect your skin the most as 15+ just ain’t going to do it, even if it’s in your BB Cream.

All righty and another thing is, is that Sunscreen may come in different forms, whether it’s sunscreen, just normal sunscreen, whether it’s in your BB Cream, and it can also be in your makeup but is really essential that you wear the extra protection long term, because sun damage can have all sorts of effects such as pigmentation, premature ageing and trust me, we all don’t want that.

So if you guys are really concerned about your skin or are unsure, with what goes where,  make sure that you come in and have a consult with one of us!

We will tell you point you in exactly the right direction, alrighty. So you’ll see us later on this week with another live off hot tips and we hope to see you soon.


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