Tammy’s Skin Journey

Hello everybody tammy from infinity skin and body here. So this week we are doing something a little bit more casual. And we’ve decided to share our own skin journeys with you all. So literally, I think all of the therapists have suffered with a skin condition at one time or another, including myself. So my skin condition that I suffered with was cystic acne.
And I got it really quite badly. All like, pretty much this half of my face was full blown cystic acne. And you can probably see I still have some scarring that i’m dealing with, which is fun. But definitely in the right industry to help myself.
So basically yeah I just want to start from the start. So when I was probably, how old would I have been? About 20 I decided to change the contraceptive pill.
And I probably like only had one or two breakouts at the time and of course I thought that was the end of the world. So I wanted to get on a contraceptive that helped to target my breakouts as well.
So I went to the doctor’s and they prescribed me with yaz, and my skin hated it, and it freaked out. Full, like I said, full blown cystic acne to the point where it was definitely great for acne and they all started to join and they were really deep.
And it was quite painful as well, it was to the point where if I would talk, it would hurt. So it was constantly on my mind and that definitely made me feel really self conscious because I could put make up on but you could always see it.
Like there’s only so much that you can cover cystic acne with. And I used to remember I would hate looking at people’s eyes when I spoke to them because I could see them looking at my skin. And yet that that made me feel really bad, so basically, yeah, yaz.
I’m not saying yaz is bad. It’s not going to make you break out for me personally, and my hormones did not agree with yaz. So what I then did, I stayed on it for three months because that’s what the doctor advised me to do. And then, after the three months, there was no improvement, so I decided to heal my skin naturally.
So I thought, you know, there’s obviously a hormonal imbalance going on, and I wanted to treat the cause rather than like a band aid fix.
Initially, before I went to the naturopath, I tried antibiotics from the doctors. I also had duac which is antibiotic cream that you put on. Nothing worked so then I decided to go to the natural path.
When I went to the naturopath, we tried lots of things. So I went on a liver detox. I had lots of different herbal supplements for skin. I was on omegas, which I still am. These are the ones that I take now. What else did we do? I was low on vitamin d, so I took some vitamin d supplements.
I was on prebiotics and probiotics. Lots of different things, and that helped. So it was definitely internal for me, and it’s been a long process. So I am now 26 this happened when I was 20. So six years i’m still dealing with some breakouts.
Definitely not cystic anymore, which is great. And that is when I decided to start beauty. So I went to beauty school as well, and from there started doing facials to help with my skin as well. So a lot of it at the start was really basic just to help with, like, hydration and things like that to get my skin’s barrier back. Back to, back to healed I guess, or healthy. Because after using the antibiotic creams and things like that, my skin was really dry and flaky.
Another thing that I used as well when I was getting the breakouts was proactive. So that’s ruined my skin. It’s very sensitive now, to lots of different things, and it’s definitely due to the proactive.
I started my facials. I started doing basic facials and then regular chemical peels. And then my skin started to settle down a lot after that.
Obviously, with a strict skincare routine as well. After that, we started skin needling. So I did probably about six sessions of skin needling, and that was to help with the little breakouts that I had, as well as the redness and scarring.
So we went down that route of skin needling and that helped heaps and yeah, that’s pretty much my skin journey, so I still definitely suffer from hormonal acne now i’m also pregnant so that that doesn’t help.
But my skin finally enough has actually improved since getting pregnant. And that’s obviously hormonal. So i’m hoping that’s but going to balance out my hormones in the long run.
But yeah, that’s pretty much my skin journey, guys. So just know that you’re not alone when you do come to us with skin concerns.
Like I said, all of us therapists have suffered with skin conditions in the past. I think most of us was acne as well s so that’s it for my my little story.
Stay tuned for tomorrow. And cassie will be talking to you guys all about her skin journey. Thanks for watching guys. Have a good day.

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