Products for Keratosis Pilaris

Hi, everyone taryn here from infinity coming to speak to you guys a little bit more about keratosis pilaris. So far, we’ve sort of gone over a few things like what it looks like, how it’s formed and also what different treatments.
So today I want to talk to you about exactly what products you can use at home because, as we know, with every single thing that we do at home so every single treatment that we have to do every single skin condition that we’re trying to treat there is always going to be something we can always do a home that will also give us the best results.
Everything always comes from what you are using it home day in, day out. And when it comes to keratosis pilaris, unfortunately it is sort of an ongoing thing, but does clear up by itself over time.
Okay, so things that you can do at home you know, such as your exfoliation, and everything like that obviously is a build up of dead skin with in the hair follicle. So you want to use things that are going to help sort of bring those to the surface and make sure that you are unclogging those pores and reducing that dead skin.
So using things such as acids or sort of chemical exfoliant as we refer to them such as lactic acid and salicylic acid to sort of help decongest that area, as well as hydrate and reduce the amount of dead skin that is on the surface as well.
You know, obviously when it comes to more dead skin, you sort of want to reduce the amount of dead skin and ways to do that are things such as exfoliants. So we do have a chemical exfoliant that we have just gone over.
But there’s also a physical exfoliants. You can use enzymes that are quite gentle on the skin or you know as some people prefer a little bit of granul ation, but not too much to irritate it.
You can also use things like aspect’s illuminating polish. Last but not least, you can also use things like serums such as retinols. Now these are quite drying on the skin, but they will help to decongest and increase that cell turnover to help for a more of a clearer appearance on your skin.
You know, we use retinols for multiple different things such as ageing and acne, and all these other things as well.
Because of the ability for it to turn the cells over and reduce the amount of dead skin on the surface and decongest as well. You know obviously with this sort of condition, it can actually make this skin quite dry as well. So making sure that keeping skin nice and hydrated every single night you’re putting more of a thicker moisturiser on with different vitamin e’s in it as well. You know, we have different ones.
You know, your vitamin e is quite important that there’s also your b supplements, like your niacinamide and all those sort of things to help calm the area as well. So we actually do have the ultra retexturing retexturizing body complex, which is a really hydrating replenishing mask essentially for your body to help re texture and rehydrate and reduce the appearance of dryness on the skin.
You know there are differently other things, and there’s times where you feel like that sort of keratosis pilaris will sort of flare up a little bit more and it’s because it’s dry and angry and irritated. So making sure that you are keeping up with your internals. You can take different things, different supplements as well.
But that’s what tammy will go through tomorrow. Different things you could do in your lifestyle to assist with keeping this under control and reducing the appearance of it. So stay tuned tomorrow guys. If you are struggling at all to sort of, you know, or want more information with any skin concerns, click on the link above.
We’ve also got a whole bunch of new at home facials because obviously we can’t open yet, which sucks. But you know, long behold, we will be open. And as soon as we’re aware of when we will be opening, we will let you guys move straightaway.
So look after yourselves. Stay safe and remembering to check in on everyone, all of your friends and family, everyone like that during this difficult time.
But also keeping up with all of your skin care and your home care as well. So that’s all from me tonight. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear more about other things you could do at home with your lifestyle to keep this sort of condition under control. Thanks guys, bye.

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