Prin Lymphatic Enzyme at home facial

Hi, everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body so this week. What we’re going to do for our lives is just talk to you guys all about our at home facial kits that we still have on offer, so the rest of the girls will be going over some of the different options that we have for you to do at home.
But it’s really, really important, especially if you are wanting to come into the clinic for any type of advanced facial or even a basic facial to, start looking after your skin at home as well, because if you think about it, I don’t even know how long we’ve been in lock down for now.
But if you normally come in every four weeks for an in clinic treatment, you do want to keep up this at home as well. So we do have some options for you, which is some really good alternatives.
So the one that i’m going to talk about today is our prin so this is our lymphatic enzyme therapy mask and. This one in clinic, I believe, is $145 to get done. $145 and, you can do it yourself at home for $89 which is pretty good. So it’s the exact same one that we used on you in clinic.
So what you would get with the prin mask is it’ll come in like a little facial kit, and you will get, in like sample sizes. You’ll get a cleanser, an exfoliant.
You get the powder and the liquid, which makes up the mask. Once you mix it together, and then you also get a finishing serum and moisturiser as well.
So all of that for $89 is awesome, and you get a little mask, brush as well. So what is the prin lymphatic enzyme therapy mask? I’m sure you’re asking.
Basically, what it is doing is it’s working on your capillary network and that, that system. So a lot of the time that’s overlooked when you are treating the skin.
So this mask is really designed to kind of treat your skin from the inside out. So the way it works is it dries really, really hard, like cement.
So actually did one yesterday at home, which was great. I should have filmed it, but we can’t really. You can’t even talk when the mask is on because it dries that hard.
And, you leave that on for 45 minutes. What you’ll feel is it might get a little bit itchy. I find I get a tiny little bit itchy and, that’s because it is an enzyme. So it is eating away all of that dead skin. But you also feel some pumping a as well, so I mainly feel it in these lympth nodes here and down in my collarbone. So, that’s your lymphatic system, actually pumping away and getting rid of all of those toxins that are inside.
So, yeah, you leave it on for 45 minutes. What you’ll notice aswell is once you remove it, it’s probably best to do it in the shower if you’re doing it at home because it is quite hard to get off.
Or you can just use a really warm face washer and just soften it and remove it that way. But you will notice some red lines once you do remove the mask, and this is called the plasmatic effect.
So, like I said before, it’s your capillary network. So it’s your circulatory system actually pumping fresh blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin.
So it’s going to get rid of all of those toxins. You’re going to get nice, plump, hydrated, glowing skin afterwards, and you’ll notice how soft it feels as well. When I removed mine yesterday, I actually thought I still had some product left on my face.
But it was just how soft it was, because I had eaten away all of that dead skin. So this mask is really good for nearly pretty much everyone.
You can also use it when you are pregnant as well, which is awesome, because there’s a lot of, you know, advanced treatments and things like that that you unfortunately, miss out when you are pregnant. So this one is pregnancy safe, which I think is really good.
So if you are noticing you’re getting any kind of like hormonal breakouts, it’s going to flatten those, and it’s going to help get rid of any of those toxins that might be causing those breakouts.
But it’s also really good for anti ageing. It does give you that pumping effect, so it’s going to slightly lift the skin a little bit as well as pigmentation because you do have that enzyme effect eating away all of that dead skin.
So that is the at home facial that I wanted to talk to you guys about today we yeah like I said, we’ve got lots of other options as well. So we generally will conduct an online consultation and go through your concerns and then kind of choose one that’s best for you.
But stay tuned for the rest of the week because the rest of the girls will be going over the other options that we have for your at home facials. See you later, guys. Thanks for watching.

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