Pigmentation Lockdown Live Part 2: Skin analysis

Hi everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body just coming on here today to talk to you guys about pigmentation. So it taryn did a live yesterday, going into what pigmentation kind of looks like and some of the causes.
So today, i’m just going to go into the analysis of pigmentation. So I guess if you do you have any concerns with pigmentation and you come into clinic.
One of the first things that we do look at is your consultation card, which can give away many, many concerns of why you might be experiencing pigmentation.
So we do look at medications because they could definitely cause pigmentation in the skin. Any hormone issues if you’ve had any kids, so pregnancy is the biggest,
I think cause of the pigmentation that kind of comes out of nowhere. So that’s kind of like the first thing that we do is look at your consult card. Secondly, once we have you on the bed, our biggest friend with pigmentation concerns is the trusty woods lamp.
So if you’ve ever been in for a facial or a skin consult, i’m sure you’ve wondered what were hovering over your face. That is the wood’s lamp.
So everyone kind of dreads the wood’s lamp because it kind of shows you look into the future. So it kind of goes underneath the skin, shows you everything that we can’t see to the naked eye, which is really cool, so that’s our biggest tool that we use when we are analysing and assessing the skin for pigmentation. So what it does is it kind of shows us if there is any pigmentation that’s sitting underneath the skin, so this is known as dermal pigmentation.
The biggest thing that we have in clinic now is the observe, which is a really, really good professional skin analysis machine. So that’s going to be really handy for any of you guys that do have pigmentation is going to help a lot so like taryn, said the other day, there’s lots of different types of pigmentation.
So there is freckles, also known as ephelides which is the scientific name. Generally, people with freckles know that they have freckles and they are superficial, so we don’t really need to analyse too much. One thing that we might do if something looks a little bit suspicious is send you off to a dermatologist to get that checked to make sure it’s nothing you know, like malignant or benign.
Anything like that, that might be a skin cancer. Another type of pigment is malasma so one of the ways that we kind of assess malasma is it’s generally around the cheek area, the forehead,
you can get it on the chin aswell and the nose, but it’s usually symmetrical. And it’s demarcated, is what they call it, malasma’s really, really hard to treat.
The reason is because it’s generally influenced by hormones. But there is also that dermal component. So there’s that pigment that’s sitting underneath the skin.
So that’s why the woods lamps really important, because if you do have that dermal pigment, it means your treatment and at home, products, skin care routine,
Everything has to be different and You need to be a little bit more realistic with how quickly that is going to be treated, so probably our biggest friend is the uv light wood’s lamp.
When we are assessing any type of pigmentation and determining the different types, I do just want to touch on one form of pigmentation as well, that not many people are actually aware off, and it’s called poikiloderma, that is caused by spraying perfume.
And you generally get pigmentation on the neck as well as a bit of vascularity redness. So please, please, please don’t spray perfume on the neck, especially if you are then going out in the sun.
So that is another kind of little indication that we look for if you have pigmentation on the neck, the first question we generally ask is, do you spray perfume to that area? So that’s kind of just like a quick little brief look into the skin analysis.
If you do suffer from pigmentation, obviously there’s lots and lots of questions that we go into. When was the last time you had sun exposure? Do you wear sunscreen?
Things like that. But we are going to touch on those in the next few lives coming during this week. I think taryn tomorrow is going to talk about the treatment plan and why that’s so important. So stay tuned, guys. And if you do have pigmentation, listen up because we’re here to educate you and help you. enjoy the rest of your day guys. Thanks for watching

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