Omegas-Internal Health

Hey, guys. So it’s nikita again, welcome back to another infinity skin and body live. So today and this week is all been about internal health.
So i’m going to go over omega’s what they are, what they’re good for, what they sort of contain and things like that. So what they are is actually they’re fish oil, but they also contain other nutrients that are essential to the body.
But we don’t actually produce alone. We don’t produce it in our body, which is weird because you need it. So we have in the omegas. There is essential fatty acids and, vitamin a and things like that, which is really good for your skin health, your body health.
And i’m just going to go over like a few things that are pretty good for that omegas are good for so we have maintain, like healthy, healthy eye function.
They also help with heart function, so cardiovascular issues and things like that. They also reduce mild joint pain and arthritis and things like that. It’s really good as well, for if you’re pregnant before you get pregnant while you’re trying to get pregnant while you’re pregnant.
And also for your kids afterwards because they’re really good for your nervous system and your brain function. And like they’re just so jam packed with all these great things that your body actually doesn’t make themselves but is vital to our body, our brain and our skin.
So our skin is actually the last organ in our body to receive nutrients and oxygen and water and things like that. So if we can put in more nutrients and these omegas that are going to totally boost the function of every cell, our brain and all these things like that, you just want to make sure that it’s, you know, yeah, it’s boosting and your body is working at its full potential and full function.
So we also have, so we have. I actually take the complete omega’s. So these one are mine. So we have ultimate and complete so, the complete has 3 6 and 9.
So I take these. They’re just a little capsule there, a little bit big, but like they’re not too bad. Like I used to struggle with swallowing tablets.
And now I don’t I think, I think that there all right, there all right size. So I normally take I started off taking one a day, and now I take two, so with the skin. What they do really is they helped to plump with all the other things that they do within the body, your eyes, everything like that.
With your skin, they’re actually going to help plump and rehydrate. And so, you know, you imagine plump, healthy skin.
You’re going to see fine lines and wrinkles a lot further down the track because your skin is going to be so, so juicy and like, just imagine, like a big, thick, juicy grape.
And all your skin cells are just like this, or jam packed with that water and those nutrients essential fatty acids to keep them healthy, they’re going to be really plump, and you’re going to look young for a really long time.
So not only do you have the benefits from the body, the brain, the eyes, but also from the skin and looking youthful and young.
So, yeah, we have capsules and we also have liquid, so the liquid is, I think I believe it’s lemon flavour, so it doesn’t taste like fish oil. I can know a lot of people are going to be like oh, omegas they taste like fish oil, but really, I have bitten into one of my capsules and it does not taste like fish at all. I really don’t like fish, but it’s just got that oily sort of consistency and as you can imagine, which is not unbearable.
But if you don’t like the liquid, there is the capsule form. So yeah, I just kind of wanted to talk about a little bit to do with omegas and yeah, everybody can have them. There’s not one person that can’t, you know, so babies can have them. You can have them when you’re pregnant, like they’re pretty good all round product to use. And they’re just going to have endless benefits. When it comes to the skin, to the body, to the brain.
It’s just amazing. So, yeah, guys, if you go have a look at all our omegas. And, I believe carine is doing cod liver oil next week, so stay tuned for that as well.
And yeah, that’s just my suppose daily dose of internal health facts. So yes. Thanks for tuning in, guys.

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