Nikita’s Skin Journey

Hi, guys. So I don’t know what happened, but my live deleted for some reason. So I thought I just come back on here and just kind of go through again. My own skin journeys. So my name is nikita.
It’s really nice to meet you all. I’m the receptionist for infinity skin and body. I am also qualified in beauty therapy, but at the moment, i’ve just been expanding my work and all of my knowledge, doing heaps and heaps of webex videos and trying to get as much information as possible during our lock down.
So I thought i’d just go over today kind of where I sort of started with my skin. It’s not a long journey, and it’s not a terrible one, but it’s also not great, because I wasn’t looking after my skin. So I started off with when I was at high school.
I was like, in the sun quite a lot because I liked to tan but I never wore sunscreen. So my skin was heavily, heavily dehydrated, and I actually have, like, some fine lines and wrinkles you can’t quite see because i’ve got good lighting.
But i’ve got some fine lines and stuff and at 19 from not wearing sunscreen. So it just proves, actually, how damaging the sun is.
I’ve also got quite a lot of freckles and pigmentation that got quite darker in the sun, which I really didn’t like. Sometimes when you have freckles and stuff, it can be genetic and people just have them.
But they do tend to get darker in the sun. So I just wanted to go yeah go through. So yeah, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen. I wore a lot of makeup was another thing. I used to wear quite thick make up. So, like mac, I think it was their studio fix liquid.
I’d also pack on a lot of powder because I didn’t like my skin being oily. And I would sleep in my makeup. So therefore, it would lead to my skin being more congested and more oily. So put on more makeup and not wash it off. Which is why my skin was always really it still is kind of oily, but it’s a lot more managed now.
It’s kind of like a nice sort of shine. It’s not like my skin is melting off. So yeah, I definitely slept in my make up quite a lot, never washed it off, and then all of a sudden I just stopped wearing make up.
Andi. I thought my skin was actually getting better, but it was just because I wasn’t sleeping in it and I wasn’t wearing so much of it that it actually calmed down. So I also exfoliated every day.
So I really wanted to speed up my cell turnover. I wanted to get those healthy, new plump cells up to the surface, not realising that that’s actually damaging them a lot more. They don’t have enough time to go through the process in every layer that they’re supposed to build a healthy skin.
They were just coming straight off, flaking off. Oh, is just and it was a granular exfoliant as well. I am pretty sure it was the what was it called garnier or neutrogena or something that’s like apricot scrub. So really, really rough and everywhere every night. But I didn’t cleanse or anything like that. I didn’t even take my makeup off.
I would just rub with my makeup on on. That was like my cleanse, so my skin was heavily dehydrated and also you have really, really inflamed.
And from that congestion I used to get breakouts and stuff and think, oh my god, you know, at 15 I was i’ve got acne like it’s terrible, but it’s just because I had been inflaming my skin and all this congestion. It was just building up and clogging my pores. I wasn’t an acneic skin.
It was just I was making my skin terrible from all the things I was and wasn’t doing. So I just wanted to go through sort of what I do now with my makeup. So it’s not so thick and so heavy because I still do like to wear make up like, a lot of people still like to wear make up. But I also like to have that diversity of being able to go from light to a bit darker.
So I have got this the jane iredale mineral pressed powder so this actually has an spf in it as well. So I use I think it’s called a kabuki brush. I think that’s what it is. It’s kind of like one of those.
That one is pretty dirty at the moment. I know I should clean it, but I just kind of press it in there, rub it around a bit and then slowly pressed onto my skin, and it gives like a light coverage, and then you can build up and up and up from there for a heavy wear or lighter so you can go sort of in between. It’s not like you have to switch, and I don’t wear a liquid foundation anymore because that seeps quite far down into your skin and if you don’t like me, don’t really like to cleanse.
You definitely shouldn’t be wearing a liquid. So a powder is just nice, it will just sit on top. It’s not gonna push into skin at all, so I wear this during the day.
I think it’s great. Love it. It does come with a little , a little, I don’t know, what would you call that? Litlle pad. But I like to use a brush and push it into the skin rather than smearing it, because I feel like it gets a better coverage. And it doesn’t go sort of streaky then I also put just some bronzer on my cheeks and on my forehead to sort of break it up so I don’t look like a ghost.
The other thing is this is one hero product that I absolutely love. If you’re like me, I don’t really like cleansing. I do cleanse properly at night but in the morning, I just kind of want to get out. I want to have a coffee.
I just you know, i’m not thinking properly. So I use the ultra b squared (b2) micellar. Water. So this actually also has vitamin b in it, which is great for your skin. Great for congestion and stuff, which I had an issue with.
So I just put this on too little pads. And I just wipe around in the morning. I do one, and then I do the other one, and it just makes me feel refreshed. I don’t feel tight. I don’t feel like there’s nothing on my face, you know, it’s just a really nice cleanse.
So i’d say those two were a massive hero product for m. Like there’s a lot of other things have changed now that i’m using through aspect. Yeah, just to kickstart my proper skin journey, I want to want to fix all the things that I ruined when I was younger and didn’t really know much about. So, thank you guys for for listening.
Yeah so that’s just a little bit about me and obviously i’ll be seeing you guys soon and hopefully we can reopen a soon as possible. And I get to see all your smiling faces. As a receptionist. So thank you.

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