Must Have Products for Acne Skin

Must haves for fighting acne and breakouts 🤯

Posted by Infinity Skin + Body on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hi everyone, Tammy from Infinity Skin and Body. I just wanted to come on here today and show you guys some off my favourite products at the moment for treating breakouts and acne prone skins.
So I am one of those people that has tried everything and unfortunately not everything has worked. So I’m going to share the products I have found to actually be really good. It will be a combination of Ultraceuticals and Aspect skincare products.
So my skin at the moment is very angry at me and it’s my own fault because I went and spent about $50 on lollies, it’s definitely internal for me and my skin is hating me at the moment. So these are my go to products when I do have a break out.
The first 2 products I have are spot treatments, the 1st one is from aspect. This is the stop spot, and then I’ve got the Ultraceuticals clear spot treatment.
The Ultraceuticals was one is full of salicylic acid and mandelic acid so it’s really good. They’re both very similar as the aspect one is also full of salicylic acid, but I do find if I use one spot treatment for a while my skin gets used to it, so I like to rotate between the 2 of these. Sometimes I’ll use the Ultraceuticals spot treatment and then other times I will use the aspect stop spot.

The next product, I’ve only just started and thats the Ultraceuticals b2 hydrating serum, which i’m loving. I’ve used it probably four times now, but I’ve noticed when using this serum with the Ultraceuticals hydrating lotion that when l go to sleep in the morning all my breakouts look and feel less inflamed and less red. So a vitamin b serum is really good. It also helps to regulate your oil flow, even if you’re wanting anti ageing, it’s going to promote collagen as well. So I love the b2 hydrating serum. It’s good for everyone.

Another product is the clear treatment lotion from Ultraceuticals. This product also contains salicylic acid and mandelic acid. With this product I focus on applying to the areas where i’m breaking out and then smoothing the excess everywhere else. So this is also a game changer for those of you who do suffer from breakouts! It’s a really, really good product and it’s not drying. You know how a lot of the time you get products for acne and it just completely dries out your skin out and ruins your skin’s barrier. This one’s does not do that!
The next one I want to talk about is the clear skin complex from aspect, this one I made a post about today on Instagram because I have only just got it. I haven’t used it yet, but i’m going to use it tonight and i’ll let you guys know if I like it. But this one is different to a lot of regular treatments for breakouts, because it’s really good for treating those deep, blind, cystic type breakouts and it is also pregnancy safe. You just pop it on the really deep underlying breakouts. I’ll see if I like it, so that one’s more of a trial. So we’ll see, fingers crossed. I’ve heard good things.

And the last product that I have to mention is the probiotic mask, this I have fallen in love with lately. You apply it like a regular mask, and you can actually sleep with it on. They have changed the name recently, it use to say probiotic sleep mask, and now it just says probiotic mask. The reason why they have changed it is because they found that skins that are a little bit more oily and acne prone can break out a little bit if they leave it on for that long time because it’s quite thick. However for me, I’ve loved it, so I sleep in it and I have no issues.
You need to make sure that you are keeping a good balance in the skin, I’ve mentioned a few targeting products for the acne, and if you only used those products it’s more than likely going to dry out the skin a little bit so you want to make sure that your re-hydrating your skin as this will also help with healing your skin’s barrier and speed up that healing process of breakouts.

So definitely have a look at the probiotic mask if you do have a problematic skin because it is going to also balance out that good and bad bacteria on the skin as well.
If you do have any questions, just write a comment in the video or just send us a message on Instagram or Facebook or give us a call as well because we are in clinic 9 to 5.
See you late guys!

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