Lockdown Live 6: Rosacea (Triggers)

Hey everyone taryn here from infinity. Now, today we’re going to be going over a few things, but I just want to put it out there straight off the bat to begin with, When it comes to rosacea unfortunately, there is no cure. So all the things that we’ve been mentioning is more so to help you manage it.
Okay, you know unfortunately, you know there are different things that we can do. But the answer that everyone is probably looking for is there is no cure to rosacea. Today, I want to go over some of the common triggers that normally flare up rosacea, and it’s really important to know what your triggers are as well. But there’s a lot of common triggers and one of those being stress. You know we always mention stress every single week because it does re pay on the body in different senses. So making sure that you’re keeping your stress under control is big factor.
Not only for your skin but for your life and for your well being and health in general. Sun exposure, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, hot showers and baths, these are a few other things that will trigger rosacea and trigger a flare up as well. And last, but not least, also scrubbing, rubbing or massaging the skin as well.
Because when you are scrubbing and rubbing or massaging the skin, you’re increasing that blood flow. And therefore that can cause a bit of redness within your skin, especially when you’ve got rosacea.
Now we do have ways that we can definitely manage these things by doing just a few small things and changing your routine a little bit of home. And one of those is definitely managing your stresses.
So the second thing is using good skin care combining with led treatments. Using a good quality skin care can help, not only help to essentially thicken the skin and strengthen the skin, but it can also help with making sure that your skin will hold that hydration as well.
When it comes to hydration, rosacea technically fights against itself and doesn’t want to hold that sort of hydration within the skin. So really, really important to keep a hydration up as well guys. Wearing spf every single day and an spf 15 does not count.
It’s gotta be an spf 30 or an spf 50. You want to constantly protect your skin not only if you’ve got rosacea but with any skin type. Even today, it’s amazing outside, so make sure that you are out enjoying it, but also protecting yourself as well.
You know, avoiding spicy foods is going to be a massive thing. Anything that’s hot or going to cause you know, your temperature to rise. So hot showers as well, can also cause that inflammation within your skin, especially with your more rosacea types as well. And last but not least, making sure that you are keeping an eye on what food you are eating, because there might be something in whether it might be a hot drink like coffee or it might be something that you’re eating that might flare it up. So making sure that you’re noticing the different triggers and the different reasons why your skin might be flaring up.
And last but not least, also make sure that we always recommend some sort of internal supplement. You know usually for a lot of skin types, it might be omegas and omegas a great for all skin types as well.
But cod liver oil is going to be more your go to with rosacea skin and the only reason we say this is because it does have anti inflammatory things within the cod liver oil, so it will help to replenish the skin as well as reduce inflammation within the skin as well.
So those are a few tips and tricks, avoiding hot showers as well. You know, there are so many things that you could do, just making sure that you’re protecting your skin at the end of the day and doing things to improve it whenever you can. So go outside, enjoy the weather, make sure you’re wearing spf and look after yourselves and go into in a weekend guys. We will see you next week.
I want to get a little bit of feedback in relation to what we want to hear about. Obviously, we’ve been picking the topics but comment below on some things that you guys might want to hear either more about or a different topic that you guys might want to hear about next week.
I’ll look forward to hearing your responses and stay safe out there, guys. Bye

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