Lockdown Live 5: Pigmentation Night time Skincare Routine

Hi everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body coming on here today for your last live about pigmentation. So today i’m just going to go over your night time skin care routine.
So yesterday I did do your morning routine. Now we’re just going to go over what you would use at night time if you have pigmentation so let’s get organised. So the first one that i’ve got here is optional,
It’s really, really good if you do wear make up during the day, so we’ve got a micellar water. So this one is from ultraceuticals, and it’s got vitamin b in it, so it’s really good. It’s not going to.
Make your skin feel dry you know sometimes how you use like those micellar water from the chemist or coles, and you kind of feel a bit dry, like you need to moisturise straight after this one is going to prevent that dryness.
But get off all that makeup, as well. Definitely recommend that one, If you do wear make up during the day, the second one,
You’re brightening cleanser, So this one I did mention yesterday as well. So you would just go in again at night time, double cleanse, just to get off any of that dirt in oil. So that one’s really good for brightening the skin.
Now the next two products I have are your serums. So when you are trying to treat pigmentation, your serums are really, really important because they’re the ones that do penetrate the deepest into the skin and they are going to have the biggest effect on changing your skin and getting rid of that pigmentation.
So the first one that I have is your vitamin b. So there’s also a vitamin b from ultraceuticals as well, but the vitamin b from aspect,
I personally love this one that is just going to help to stop the production of pigmentation, which is really important because if you do then go out in the sun, you constantly going to get that pigmentation in the skin.
That one also helps to stimulate collagen, and it’s really, really hydrating. We love our vitamin b’s. Then the second serum that I would recommend is your retinol, so this one is really important to make sure that you are just using it at night time this one is going to help to deeply exfoliate the skin.
So penetrates the deepest out of all your serums, and it’s just going to help to kind of shift that pigmentation off of the surface as well as stimulating collagen and giving you a nice, beautiful glow.
We love our retinol. Now the other recommendation that I have is your moisturiser. So yesterday I spoke about the spf moisturiser. Obviously, at night time, you don’t need to wear your sunscreen.
So the one that I would recommend for you is a brightening moisturiser cream from ultraceuticals so this one’s really good because it’s a moisturiser that’s also targeting a specific concern.
This one is a little bit more heavier. It’s not super. I’m going to finish then watch it later. I’m still live, but it keeps pausing yeah, what was I, so if you have more of an oilier skin type, I would probably go with something like you’re hydrating lotion from ultraceuticals or sheer hydration and then just focus on your serums for helping with that pigmentation.
Now, the last two products that you would use at night time, the two that I have here you just use twice a week. So my favourite exfoliant is the fruit enzyme from aspect this ones, probably our biggest seller as well.
Basically, what you do is cleanse your face, dry skin, and then you would pop usually do about two pumps all over the face. Massage that into the skin until you start to feel dead skin ball up, and then you can leave that excess on as like a mask and. Then you would just wash it off and pop on you’re serums and your moisturiser.
But exfoliating is really, really important for people who do suffer from pigmentation. It’s just going to help to kind of get rid of that superficial pigmentation that’s sitting on the surface that becomes dead skin, so that’s really important as well. And then the lucky last product that I would recommend is any type of mask for anyone not specifically for pigmentation. But this one is my personal favourite, which is the probiotic sleep mask. It just gives you beautiful, glow. I wore it last night, so my skin’s a little bit glowy this morning and its , yeah just really, really good. I suffer from acne so personally this one’s my favourite.
It’s good for people who do have pigmentation as well just cause. Like we always say, we have happy, healthy, hydrated skin.
It heals a lot quicker. So they’re the recommendations for your night time routine. Hopefully my broadcast didn’t get interrupted at all because it kept pausing on my end.
Stay tuned. That’s our last live for pigmentation this week. And we are going over a new skin concern next week, so stay tuned to see what that is.
See you later, guys.

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