Lockdown Live 4: Rosacea (Night Routine)

Hi, everyone happy thursday it’s cassie here from infinity skin and body coming to you again, live with another facebook live that we’re doing here.
So yesterday I did the am skincare routine for a rosacea skin. So today i’m going to be talking about the pm routine for rosacea. So before I jump into the products, I just want to say with your skin care routine that especially if you’re doing it for a particular concern, one of the best things you can do is be consistent.
So there’s no point using these products and using it once a week and then, in a couple of weeks time, questioning why things aren’t happening. You really got to just try your best to form that habit. For myself, it’s like brushing my teeth now, morning and night. You’ve just got to stick the routine and then you’ll form that habit and then it’ll just be normal.
And also with rosacea as well, making sure that you’re using the right products even though those things in the market that say it’s for a sensitive skin and all of this and all of that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you.
So just checking in with the skin therapist and a professional to make sure that it’s not just doing damage to your skin and stripping it and then making it worse. I know it can be frustrating, but we’re here to support you and help you with your skin care journey.
All of us therapists have had skin conditions and skin concerns, so we know how it feels and it does get better. You just have to give it time, and yeah we’re here to help.
So just a little spill there on a skincare routine. But I felt like it was important to say, especially with rosacea okay, so with the products that you use for night time, it’s the end of the day.
You’ve either worn your makeup all day or you’ve been out in the sun, pollution and all of that jazz. So you want to start off. Obviously, with the cleanse, you’re going to do a double cleanse at night time. With rosacea you probably want to use same as the morning that I recommended a nice micellar water.
We have a beautiful blend from aspect and ultraceuticals. They’re great products. So that first cleanse to remove the makeup, remove the dirt from the day.
And then you can go in with the second cleanse with, the gentle clean by aspect is a beautiful brand and beautiful product. I personally use it, and I love it so that would be great for you, for your second cleanse to really deeply clean the skin. Next going into your serums.
Oh, sorry. Just gotta comments. I got distracted. Okay, well, serums so this might surprise A lot of people, but for a rosacea skin and depending on the inflammation of the rosacea, some can be really inflamed.
So obviously each one you would deal differently, but we would recommend a vitamin a. So as taryn has explained in a video, I think it was the ageing one, the different levels of retinol aka vitamin a that you can have.
We would get you started with the rosacea on a product by aspect called retinol brulee. So this is a form of retinol called, retinol palmitate and it’s a very light retinol. So it’s not, you won’t get that retinol reaction.
So the retinol is just going to help stimulate your stem cells to produce new fresh cells and just really get the ball rolling of the skin rejuvenation and the healthiness off yourselves for a thicker skin, which is what we want with rosacea.
To bring back the thickness and the healthiness of the skin. So yeah, retinol and then you would go into i’d recommend the aspect hydrating serum. This’s got your vitamin b, which is hydrating, protecting and boost’s your immunity in the cell. And then it’s also got hyaluronic acid, which i’m sure you all know now is to bring hydration to the skin.
So yeah, they’re your serums. I would recommend. And then for a moisturiser like what I said in the am routine. It depends on your skin type, but we do have one that is particularly for red, red inflamed sensitive skins that you can use for all skin types.
And that is called ultra red action moisturiser so that is helping your lipid barrier aka protective barrier, aka your acid mantle. So yeah that is a great one.
Ultra red action moisturiser. So that’s kind of your basic routine at night, and then we’ll go into your treatments aka exfoliation and a mask, which you want to exfoliate depending once again on the severity of your rosacea and the inflammation there.
So with that being said, you can use aspect fruit enzyme mask, which is a massive favourite amongst us therapists and with clients.
It’s not a harsh granular exfoliate exfoliant. It’s an enzyme, so it just like eats away the dead skin cells. It’s got heaps of the fruit enzymes, so packed full of antioxidants as well, which is really healing and protective, which will benefit a rosacea skin.
If you’re really inflamed, you can still use it. But just if you’ve used the fruit enzyme mask before, you know. But if not, you dab it on dry skin and then you do little circular motions.
If it’s really inflamed, you can just dab it on and see how that goes. Start off by doing that once a week, and then once you see it calming down, you can then up it to two times a week. So that’s your exfoliation.
And then for a mask, this will be a great addition for rosacea to have a mask. The opportunity to really heal and nourish. So we have the amazing peptide masks by hopefully I say the brand right, so societe.
Hopefully that’s right. So the peptide mask is very nourishing, healing, helps with the red appearance. So we even use it after things like skin needling and stuff. So it’s very healing and nourishing, which is like what I said what you’re going to need for the rosacea.
So we offer them as well at, infinity. And another one as well that will be good if you wanted the ultraceuticals rejuve, replenishing mask so it speaks for itself the name it’s replenishing, nourishing and all of that.
So that’s your night time routine that we would recommend for rosacea. If you have any more questions, please reach out. And like what I said yesterday, we are still offering our free skin consultations online if you had any more questions about that. So I hope you found it useful and we will see tomorrow for another live taryn, taz is going to be going through treatment recommendations for rosacea.
So that’s really exciting. We’ve seen some really good results from all these recommendations, so keep it tuned out. Keep it tuned out, yeah keep it tuned out.
Thank you guys. Bye.

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