Lockdown Live 4: Pigmentation (Morning Skincare Routine)

Hi everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body. I just wanted to come on here today because we’re going over all things pigmentation this week and today i’m going to go over what your home care routine should look like if you are suffering from pigmentation.
So last night taryn went over what your treatment plan would look like. So today I am going to go over your at home routine. This one is just going to be your morning routine. So lots of goodies here.
The first thing that I would recommend, would be this one here, which is your ultraceuticals brightening cleanser. So what you would do in the morning is actually do a double cleanse. With this one, you would do a double cleanse with this one here.
And that’s just going to help with obviously brightening the skin, but also getting off all of that dirt oil from the night before. Okay, so that’s one, number one recommendation is that cleanser there.
So after cleansing, you would then go in with your serums. So this one here is your vitamin c from ultraceuticals and there’s also a vitamin c from aspect as well, so it really just depends on what your skin type is.
So if you have more of an oily skin type, you would use the ultraceuticals, one, whereas if you’re bit more dry, and dehydrated. You would go with aspect, so these ones are just really good at brightening the skin.
But they’re also anti ageing as well, which is awesome. So you would go in with your vitamin c serum and then you would go in with either, You’ve got pigment punch from aspect, which has a new ingredient in it called tyrostat 11
So it’s actually a tyrosinase inhibitor. Basically what that means is it stops the production of pigmentation, so this one is actually really important if you do have pigment.
But also, if you have, say more of a darker skin type and you are wanting to come in for peels or needling, we always recommend going on a tyrosinase inhibitor first.
So that’s just another serum. It would either be that one or the brightening serum from ultra. So that’s this one here. So with the brightening serum from ultraceuticals this one contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.
So it lactic acid is really good at brightening and lightning the skin, whereas your salicylic acid is more of like an exfoliant. So this one’s going to kind of buff off any of that pigmentation that is sitting on the surface.
That’s another serum. Then you would go in with you’re ultraceuticals, this one’s the anti oxidant complex. So you use this one before your sunscreens and basically, what is going to do is it’s just going to help protect your skin from any of that pollution, which can be like sun damage, anything that causes free radical damage as well, just giving you that extra protection from the sun.
And then this one is the most important. If you do suffer from pigmentation, sunscreen, and I know there’s a lot of our clients out there that don’t use sunscreen, which just baffles me, especially if you suffer from pigmentation and you are using all of these products and you’re not using a sunscreen.
It’s kind of defeating the purpose, because then when you do go out in the sun, obviously you’re going to get that damage. The pigmentation is just going to keep coming back.
Another important thing as well is if you’re using the brightening serum, the salicylic in that can cause some sensitivity to the sun. So you want to make sure you’re going in with sunscreen at the end.
So the ones that I have here, my two favourites so i’ve got spf 50 that is the one from aspect has also got hydrating properties in it, which is really nice and then the ultraceuticals hydrating spf moisturiser.
I personally love this one, and I wear this one because i’m a little bit lazy, so it’s kind of like a two in one. So you’ve got your sunscreen and your moisturiser to pumps all over the face and you’re done.
So that is a little looking to what your skincare routine would look like if you suffer from pigmentation. Obviously, everyone’s skin is different.
So we would have to tailor a little bit, depending on if you’re oily, dehydrated. You’ve got ageing concerns. We would throw in a few other products in there as well, but that is just your morning routine. So tomorrow i’m going to go over what you’re night time routine would look like. I know it might look like a lot of products, but just keep in mind if you are trying to treat something like pigment. It’s pretty difficult, so you do need to be pretty strict with your skin care routine.
But that’s it for today, guys. And i’ll see you tomorrow for your night time routine. See ya.

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