Lockdown Live 3: Rosacea (Morning Routine)

Hi, guys. It’s cassie from infinity skin and body coming to you live today, as you would have probably seen. We are doing lives on skin concerns.

To give you guys the best information and education if you’re dealing with those concerns. So tammy has for the last two days spoken about rosacea and capillary concerns.

So if you haven’t watched those yet, I highly recommend for you to go give them a watch. But today, in the video, i’m going to be going through some product recommendations for your morning skincare routine if you have rosacea skin.

So to start off with, we will go through a cleanser. So recommendations for that would be you could use a micellar water to remove your makeup for your first cleanse.

So this is just nice and gentle, which is probably what you would want for a cleanser with a rosacea. And then, for your second cleanse, you can do, gentle clean by aspect.

Or there’s some ultraceuticals, nice soft cleansers as well, but it also depends on your skin type with that too, so we can recommend one particularly for yourself.

Something nice and gentle. No actives in there like no aha’s nothing too exfoliating. So, yeah. You do that with your cleanser, and then we’ll go into serums your next step. So a must have for nearly all skin types. But yes, especially with the rosacea is your vitamin b.

So this is going to help with your immunity cells in the skin. And what they do is help fight free radicals. They help with the inflammation that you can get with rosacea. So yeah aspect and ultraceuticals, which we stock have both of vitamin b serum. So definitely recommend that into your skin care routine in the morning and then next up with the serum, we have a aspect red less 21.

So this one has 21 different kinds of oils, herbs, vitamins, which are all very healing for the skin helps form your protective barrier, which you really need to focus on when dealing with rosacea.

Because the capillaries are coming out like you can see them. That can mean that your cells aren’t getting enough nutrition because the capillaries are like over spreading.

So this red less is going to really give yourselves that nutrition to really heal and also has beautiful antioxidants. So it’s going to also be very protective for you too. And then so that’s just serums for the morning.

And then you go into your moisturiser. So this one, same as your cleanser is going to depend on your skin type. So yeah, we can recommend that one specifically to you as well.

But yeah nothing no. Yeah, it depends on your skin type. And then next up, you would go in with your ultra protective anti oxidant complex.

So the name speaks for itself. It is a powerhouse antioxidant. Has, heaps of blends of antioxidants, vitamin c, There’s milk thistle in there, yeah heaps of antioxidants. So it’s just going to protect. So you put that on underneath, the last but not least product which will be your spf.

I know we go on about it a fair bit, but the sun can really do damage to your cells. And really break them down and yeah just not they’re not friends, really. They can be if you wear the spf, but the spf is going to protect your cells and as well, You’re using all these beautiful products to help nourish your skin. So you want to make sure you’re protecting it. So yeah, that would be your morning skincare routine with a rosacea skin.

And if you want further recommendations or ones that are specific to yourself with your skin type, we’re doing our free skin consultations online through video over the phone so you can definitely book in with us for more.

But I hope you got some good information from that. And it is a beautiful spring day. The sun is out, so enjoy. And I will be coming to you tomorrow again with a pm skincare routine for your rosacea skin.

So thank you so much and take care. Bye.

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