Lockdown live 3: Pigment (All your recommended in clinic treatments)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another night of our lockdown lives. So far in our lock down lives, we have gone through what pigment looks like and the different types, how they caused, and also tammy went through all of the analysis side of things last night.
But tonight i’m going to go through the different in house treatments that we would actually recommend. And, you know, this is all dependent on exactly where your skin is very dependent and individual, to each client, depending on where your skins at, how it’s feeling exactly what we are going to do in relation to the pigment that you have, you know, being very generic.
There’s a lot of things that we can do, always starting off with a led to help with the structure and the hydration of the skin. If you have really, really dehydrated skin, we want to make sure that the skins functioning at a really nice rate.
I always say to my clients, the more hydration that you have within your skin, the better that your skin will function. So always starting off with things like led’s and micros. More of your low grade sort of things working into your higher grade things like chemical peels can really assist not so much with your malasma and everything, You really want to be careful with those sort of hormone based pigmentation.
But a lot of the other ones, such as, you know, sun damage and any free radical damage that’s caused by excessive sunlight is perfect. Always leading into your more sort of upgraded treatments are really important not just going in and going hard. So I always start off with led heading into more of your chemical peels rating from the highest, the lowest and then going into things like skin needling, possibly things like ipl like we said, everyone is very, very individual and obviously move at their own rate, so really important that you’re working with that. We’re working with you in relation to exactly what is going on as well.
You know, obviously, with all these different treatments as well. Everyone sort of reacts in a different way.
And so it takes to those different treatments, and normally you prefer one over the other. That’s absolutely fine as well, yet again working with you guys and the progress of your pigment as well. Obviously, with all these different treatments.
You know, there’s always a little bit of down time with more your upgraded treatments, like your skin needling and sometimes your chemical peels as well.
But we always advise you, and work towards the best of our ability to make sure that you get the best results as well. With these sort of treatments, we will always have your recommended home care. And it’s so important to make sure that your skin is well looked after, well prepped for these sort of things.
And look, tammy will definitely go further into that tomorrow night with all your skin care recommendations that you will be using at home.
So, yeah, just mainly working with you guys and going from more of your gentler to more of you’re sort of upgraded treatments and working with you so essentially, that’s all that we would recommend. And obviously make sure your staying safe.
Make sure that you’re looking after yourselves, and we’re hoping that these can sort of give you a bit more insight. If you are concerned with pigmentation, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. And tammy, will be talking more about your home care regime, really important.

see you again soon guys

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