Lockdown Live 1: Pigmentation- What is it?

Hey, everyone, and welcome to our first lockdown live. Now, as we mentioned last night, tonight is all about pigment and pretty much what is pigment essentially what pigment is,
It’s uneven skin tone or it’s sort of like a darker spot in comparison to the rest of the skin. Now there are different forms of pigmentation aswell. And you know, the main one that we sort of look at things like freckles, sun sports or the dreaded age spots and, all these things are essentially caused in a different way, you know, other forms of pigmentation also birthmarks. They’re also malasma.
Now I guess being a therapist, we sort of look into how they’re caused aswell and there are a range of different things. So for example, you know, your malasma is more caused by hormones and pregnancy, those sort of hormonal imbalances or anything that may rankin differently in your hormonal imbalances, your freckles and your sun spots and your age spots are also from, you know, excessive sun exposure. And it may not be from last week or last year.
Some of these age spots may not form and show until 20 years on so on and so fourth. Normally, a lot of your freckles and everything will start to form. But it’s normally from things that are caused by sun exposure or over sun exposure without spf protection from when you were younger.
The other things that you can also notice with your pigmentation is sometimes it can be from post traumatic pigmentation. And this is usually from acne, scarring and all these sorts of things, especially from different forms of acne as well.
And look, there are different forms of treating these sort of things. It’s mainly about identifying them aswell, you know,
So, you know, obviously that’s why we’re here. We’re here to help you. To sort of identify those different ones and all you could do is essentially, like, stay tuned.
And we will go into more of the analysis exactly how far down in this skin this pigmentation is exactly what is going to happen going forward? You know, the analysis is such an important aspect of it all, but I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for tomorrow night when tammy goes through more of that.
Thanks, guys. Bye.

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