Lockdown live 1: Acne (What it is & What causes it)

Hi, everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body. So start of a new week. We are going to be talking about acne this week.
So throughout the next six days we’re going to do the same thing as last week, like we did with pigmentation and go over the causes, the analysis, the treatment plan, products, lifestyle changes,
everything there kind of is to know so that we can help to educate you guys a little bit while you are in lockdown and isolating at home. So I guess the first thing that I want to talk about is what is acne?
So there’s lots and lots and lots and lots of different types of acne, different causes of acne as well. But essentially what acne is, is it’s an inflammatory skin condition there’s usually about four components to it. So you’ve usually got your excess sebum, so sebum is oil, for those of you who don’t know. there’s always hormonal influences, usually especially in your mid twenties if you are suffering from acne or even early thirties.
There’s also p acne bacteria, which can be a cause of obviously inflammation, so these four things are generally linked, you might not have all four of these, but generally they’re linked.
The other thing that I want to talk about with acne as well as there’s actually four different grades. So when you do come in for your skin consult, we have a little look at your skin. Determining what grade acne you have is actually really important, so that we can then decide on products and treatment plans, depending on what acne actually have.
So I just briefly go through those, I could talk about acne all day, a little bit obsessed because I suffered from acne myself. But essentially, grade one acne is when you have blackheads, so it’s not really inflamed. You’ve got a few blackheads and a few papules, so papules are those like kind of blind pimples where there’s no puss, it’s just a little red bump.
Then you’ve got grade two, grade two acne is when you’ve got a few pustules and papules as well , so there is a little bit more inflammation. You’ve got that puss in the area, and then there’s grade three.
So grade three’s all of the above. Plus, you have cysts aswell, so it might only be one or two cysts generally, if it’s female, Hormonal triggers, its around the jaw line under the neck very, very common in that area.
And then you’ve got stage four so stage four is when you do have all of the above. But you’ve also got cysts that become khan fluent, which basically means that they’re joining up. So you’ve got clusters and clusters of cysts, so that’s very, very severe acne. And in that case, we generally do send you off to dermatologist, where you might need some medication to help with that, especially because we don’t want to increase scarring or anything like that.
You want to get it treated as quickly as yeah with stage four, you want to get it treated as quickly as you can. Now, The second thing that I want to go over is causes, so obviously there’s lots and lots of causes of acne.
I can’t go over all of them in one video, which I could, but we generally break them up into three sections. So you’ve got your diet is a really, really big factor if you do suffer from acne, one of the things that you might want to look into is your sugar intake.
Sugar can obviously increase your insulin levels, aswell which is not good for your skin. Another thing with diet is dairy, So I personally cut out dairy when I was suffering from acne.
And that helped me probably the most, just because, especially the way that they make milk and things like that. Now there’s actually a lot of added hormones, and if you are suffering from hormonal acne, it’s not the best. So try that, and another thing is gluten.
So gluten is another thing that I personally cut out. With your diet. It’s trial and error. Everybody’s different, so you just need to find what works for you. Another thing,
So another cause we’ve got lifestyle factors, So do you love going to the gym? Do you get really, really sweaty? And then do you go home and not wash your face?
I personally, if I go to the gym, I have micellar water and makeup wipes in my car like the cotton rounds, and I wipe my face straight away. As soon as i’m finished at the gym just together for that sweat, so i’m not clogging my pores.
Another thing as well with lifestyle is if your a smoker, Do you drink lots of alcohol? Obviously, diet is lifestyle as well. And also your skin care routine. Yes, you might have a perfect skin care routine. You think it’s perfect, but it might actually not be suitable for your skin.
So that’s why it’s really important to come in and see us, so that we can tailor your products to you and your treatments as well to you. So you’re not kind of just getting seeing things that say acne and then choosing that and thinking that it’s going to be good for you.
Another thing as well. Picking. Please don’t pick at your skin if you suffer from acne, it is one of the biggest things that can exacerbate your acne and make it 10 times worse than what it what it was in the first place.
I’ve had lots of clients, well a few clients come in, and they think their skin is horrible and they need to pick at it, but they’re actually making it worse, and creating that inflammation in the skin another lifestyle factor that can cause acne is stress.
I know. Personally, when I was studying at uni, my acne was the worst than it ever was, and i’m contributing it to stress because it was very stressful.
Another cause of acne is hormones, so this one is probably the hardest to treat very common in your mid twenties to early thirties females, hormonal acne is actually really common.
I know a lot of clients come in, and they say i’m not 16 anymore, so I don’t know why i’m still getting breakouts, but it’s actually really common. So pcos is a cause is well, if you have pcos, you generally will have some breakouts.
Obviously, a pregnancy can cause breakouts. Anything hormonal, really, so you can go and get your hormones tested, and then you can then go to a naturopath depending on what hormone it is that might be increased.
They can provide you with, like herbal supplements that are really good at balancing your hormones, so that’s great. But I think that’s pretty much all the causes that I can go over without getting into the nitty gritty.
But hopefully that’s helped some of you guys. If you do suffer from acne. Definitely watch the rest of the week’s videos because we’re going to be going over everything.
Acne. Tomorrow I will be going over the skin analysis on what that looks like and how we do determine what type of acne. And then later in the week, we’ll be going over the treatment plan and products. Aswell hope.
You guys enjoyed the live today. Look after yourself while you are in lock down and we can’t wait to see you once we re open, see you guys.

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