Taryn’s Skin Journey

Hi, everyone and happy saturday. It’s been a beautiful day today, so I hope that everyone got out and enjoyed some peace and quiet in the sun, but also hoping that you will use sunscreen as well.
So this week’s been all about our, you know, our own therapist, skin journeys. And essentially, we’ve heard from everyone except for myself. Now some people do know my story, but for all of you guys that don’t I actually started out doing more of your generic stuff.
Your waxing, your tinting, your spray tanning. All of those sort of stuff. But it was around the age of about 22
That I actually started. To yeah, I actually started to. Unfortunately, get more of, that cystic acne.
And, you know, it really took a massive stump in my confidence I couldn’t leave the house with, you know, I couldn’t leave the house essentially with makeup on.
I couldn’t do anything like that. And from that point, you know, I was able to, get a job with chrissy, which was great. And yeah essentially from here, I was able to grow my skin knowledge. I was able to help people with their confidence in all that sort of stuff.
So it was absolutely amazing to be able to get into the side of things. You know every single day is still a journey. I’m still learning different things, and it’s taken four years, as i’m now 26 and still having like i’ve got a few breakouts on my cheek, you know, it takes diet. It takes exercising. It takes all these different things to sort of get the skin that you do want as well. And you know what, everyone’s different.
You know, tammy sort of went down a different path cassie sort of went more internal and then start to go into cosmeceuticals. But I found that home care really helped me the most out of everything. It was sort of more of a constant thing that assisted with my skin.
And whenever I do change anything, has its hissy fit but gets over it like a temperamental child. But yeah, so that’s a little bit about my skin story and obviously every single day, I want to change at least one person’s life to make them feel better within their own skin.
So enjoy all your saturday and tomorrow, being your weekend. And bright and early monday, back to work. Unfortunately. Make sure that you’re staying safe during these times and thinking of everyone appreciating everything that you are going through at the moment and checking on your friends and family, you never know what they’re going through.
You know, just hearing from you could make a world of a difference. So happy saturday, guys and enjoy your weekend bye.

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