Internal health- Stress and hormones

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our lock down lives this week. We are all about everything internal because obviously we’ve gone through many, many things for what’s going on outside and how we can treat it, what we can do as well as lifestyle factors.
So today is actually all about, all things internal. So today i’m actually going to go through some really important stuff in relation to more or your mental health.
You know, like your stress and how it actually affects you internally and therefore impacts your skin in many, many different ways. So i’m going to take it nice and slow and simplify it that it’s easier to understand.
Ok, so what i’m going to start off with is your hormones. So essentially what your hormones are, for is they tell your body when you’re hungry, when you sleepy, when your stressed, when you’re a little bit frisky.
But essentially it will help with your moods and your behaviours and all of that so all of those are sort of interconnected and making you feel different things or do different things more so internally.
So when stress is a factor in that sort of thing, it actually interrupts that sort of flow and actually causes a lot of disruptions in your hormones, makes them unbalanced.
Having this sort of stress in your life can actually disrupt them quite immensely. You know, we have a flow, and obviously some people do have imbalanced hormones, and you know there’s different ways that we can definitely take care of that. And it’s more about what you are doing at home.
So essentially these hormones being imbalanced and how they affect your skin is essentially it causes a chemical response within your body, which then makes everything, including your skin, feel little bit more sensitive or reactive. So any skin problems that you may have already can actually be worsened.
Okay, so more so thinking about your acne and roseacea clients. You know, you’ll more so feel hotness in your rosacea areas where you are affected, and with your acne you’ll break out a lot more.
It can make a lot of skin, skin, diseases and stuff like that. Like your eczema, it can start bringing up rashes, all these sort of things, and it can all correlate all the way back to, your hormones being imbalanced or stress is causing something going on with in your body.
It’s all about keeping those things at bay, you know, so all of that mental health is also going to affect what’s going on internally. And, you know, when you are stressed, it does cause inflammation within the body in different ways.
So really, really important to make sure that you are finding things that you do enjoy to make sure that you can keep your health on track and they keep your skin on track. Another thing is also to make sure that you are keeping on top of all of your home care and some of your vitamins, like your omegas or your cod liver oils or your krill oil’s.
Just so then you can keep everything at bay, if you are sort of worry about these sort of things. Or, you do want a little bit more information. You can also, you know, book a skin consultation with us. We’re more than happy to go, like through this a lot further, but obviously I want to keep it really, really brief on and keep it really simple.
Rather than going into all. These big words that sort of makes it seem like it’s more intimidating than what it really is. But making sure that you definitely do look after yourself.
It’s so important, especially during the times. It’s very stressful. And everyone’s stressed, everyone’s in very similar boats and you’ve just got to look after yourself and check in on others and do something for yourself, whether it’s a facial, whether it’s meditation just to keep those stresses at bay.
And, if it’s hormones, then definitely look at different ways. You can get those in check, you know, so making sure that, you know, keeping everything in check.
And, yeah, essentially, everything else will fall into place. We definitely do have so many different things going on internally, and tammy is actually going to go over more, so things gut related and gut related is really, really important. Because it’s all about your good and bad bacteria and things like that.
But you’ll hear more about gut health tomorrow anyway. Well, that’s all from me for today so. Make sure that you’re keeping yourself really, really well hydrated.
Keeping yourself warm. It’s a terrible day outside today, so everyone stay inside, maybe watch a movie and relax and bring those stress levels down from a busy week. We love you all. And thank you so much for watching. And we hope to be servicing you guys soon. And any updates will sort of update you on them anyway.
Thanks. Bye.

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