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Hello, everybody is tammy from infinity skin and body back again to do one of our lives. So this week has been all about internal health and how that impacts on your skin. So I hope you’ve got in lots out of it. Specifically today I am going to be talking a little bit about your gut health and your microbiome and how that can affect your skin.
So definitely an imbalance in gut bacteria can contribute to certain skin conditions. So if you do have an imbalance. So if you’ve got more bad bacteria, your immune system is going to be constantly fighting that bacteria, which is then going to lead to inflammation, which means no only inflammation in your gut but also coming up into the skin as well, so that can lead to things like acne rosacea, dermatitis, all of your inflammatory skin conditions.
So I just want to talk a little bit about what you can do to help to improve your gut health and get the balance of good and bad bacteria balanced. I guess, so the first thing that I want to talk about is just eating a wide range of plant based foods, so the microbiome in your gut actually, like lots of different foods, and they don’t all like the same foods. They’re a bit like us.
As humans, they have their favourites. So you want to make sure you’re eating a wide a variety of plant based foods to keep that good bacteria in your gut, thriving and healthy, the other thing I want to talk about as well is chewing your food.
So I know it’s something that we were told when we were younger is eat slowly make sure you’re chewing your food, but it actually helps a lot with your gut health, so obviously it will help with digestion.
So it’s going to be digested a lot easier and your nutrients as well, we’re going to be absorbed. A lot quicker, but also a lot easier, which means less work for your gut.
So that’s a pretty simple one that you can do. Just be mindful when you’re eating and make sure your chewing your food properly. The other thing as well is an intake of high fibre foods has been shown to be really good for gut health. So these are things, like your bananas, oats, blueberries.
Your legumes, that’s just to name a few. But yeah, eating high fibre foods is really good for the gut as well. The other thing as well is avoiding highly processed foods and high sugar.
So obviously that’s going to help with lots of health benefits. But it is also going to help with your gut health as well. So when you do have high processed foods and high sugar foods, it does actually increase the bad bacteria in your gut as well as reducing the good bacteria as well, the other thing, antibiotics.
So I know sometimes people like when I was younger and I would have a sore throat, my mom would just kind of take me to the doctors, and I would get on a course of antibiotics.
Unfortunately, the thing with antibiotics is that they can’t differentiate between good and bad bacteria so they actually kill off all of the bacteria, which isn’t good for your gut health. You want to make sure that you have lots of good bacteria in your stomach.
The other thing as well, the difference. So probiotics and prebiotics get thrown around a lot, and yes, they’re amazing, for gut health they just want to talk a little bit about the difference between the two.
So you’ve got your probiotics, which are probably the most common. That is your actual living bacteria, so you can get those in supplement form if you do decide to do that, I would probably just recommend going to, like, a naturopath or somewhere to get those just to make sure that they’re really good quality probiotics.
You can also get them from things like kumbutcha, sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt tempe. That’s to name a few thinking if there’s any thing else, that’s pretty much all that I can think of at the moment.
But yeah, so you’re probiotics are actually introducing more good bacteria that’s living into the gut, and then your prebiotics is a form of plant fibre, so it’s a specialised plant fibre that the gut bacteria actually eats.
So you’re feeding that good bacteria in your stomach to, let it thrive and create a healthy environment going on in the gut. Really good example of that is your spirulina and also fruit and vegetables.
What else do we have to talk about gut, health. The other thing, the other thing as well that I wanted to talk about when I was doing my studies for dermal therapies. We spoke a little bit about leaky gut and how this can impact your skin.
And I was personally convinced that that is what was causing my acne. So I delved into it, and basically, what leaky gut is, is when you don’t really digest your food and it leaks out into the bloodstream. So you’ve got all the toxins and things like that. The nasty is that normally we would digest, basically, yeah, I was going to the gym at the time, and I was taking l’glutamine and apparently l’glutamine is really good for healing your gut lining.
So if you do suffer from leaky gut, or you think you might try l’glutamine because it will help to heal your gut lining, the last thing I want to just quickly show you guys, this is a little powder that I personally take. So it’s called love your gut.
Now I have no idea how to pronounce it. Diatomaceous earth it’s a fossil shell flower, and you just can add these into your smoothies. It doesn’t have a taste at all on and it’s just a powder, so it’s going to kind of detoxify and cleanse your gut.
But also it is a form of good bacteria as while getting into your stomach. So that is just a little trick that I do. I add that into my smoothies just to help my stomach stay healthy and helps with digestion as well, if you do, then eat something afterwards.
But I think that’s pretty much all I want to cover for gut health. But if you do suffer from an inflammatory skin condition and you are coming in to see us and you’re trying all the products, all the treatments, you are getting results. But maybe not as quickly as you’re wanting or as much improvement as you thought.
Definitely have a look into your gut health and your diet, and what you’re eating and what the previous lives as well. If you miss those from this week where the girls were talking about the omegas omegas and cod liver oil, and, also your diet and foods and supplements that you can take to help your gut health and anything for internal support as well.
But that’s it for my live today, guys, that’s it for my live today, guys. And we will see you next week. Not sure what the topic is yet, but we will. We will think of something.
See you guys. Have a good day.

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