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Hi, everyone. It’s carine here from infinity skin and body. I hope you all have enjoyed nikita’s live yesterday about your omegas. So just to quickly recap about your omegas.
So with your omegas, you’ve got your epa and dha. Quick way for you to get your head around it and to remember the benefits. So epa is from the neck down.
And dha is from the neck up. So today I am talking about cod liver oil and its benefits, who it’s good for and why it’s so important in life.
All right, so just to quickly go over the benefits of epa and dha, i’ve got a few notes here to make sure I go over all the importance all the important notes.
All right, so with epa, it’s really great for your healthy heart. Joint health, your immunity and also positive mood, especially now. And then your dha neck up.
It’s really great for your eye health, brain function, learning and development, and also childhood development. So those are the two main one. So how cod liver oil differs is it has your higher level of dha from the neck up, remember.
So it has that higher level of dha, but it also has your vitamin a and d those two are really, really great for your skin. So in the human body, you do need both of your epa and dha to function well. However, in some stages of life, you would need more little bit more of your dha.
That’s when your liver oil is going to jump in and help you to assist you in life. So cod liver oil is really good for pretty much everyone, and it’s also great at any stages of life. So i’m going to quickly go through the main stages of life where it’s going to really help to assist you.
It’s fairly simple, and i’ll keep it quite brief so everyone can remember. So I will start with moms, so motherhood, you’ve got pregnancy and lactating. So with that, cod liver oil is gonna help with, so the foetus brain development and also the retina of the eye. So with those two it’s going to, like you would want a good pregnancy and really great for your baby.
So moving on once baby is here, so in babies cod liver oil really helps with the brain growth again. So until the age of two, baby’s brain doubles up in size. So that’s a really accelerated rate within two years.
So again you want your cod liver oil to help to assist within that stage of life. It also helps with attention and behaviour. So the next one is a different stage of life where the child is transitioning into adolescence.
So with that the brain is still developing, so you need further help with your cod liver oil. And also it’s going to help to strengthen immunity. So it’s going to help to suppress allergies. As you know, lots of allergies are linked with skin conditions, so that’s where your cod liver oil is really great for your skin.
So the next one is adulthood. So cod liver oil l is really great to regulate inflammation within the body. So as you know, like with inflammation, it triggers lots of different sorts of disorders.
And again that is linked. To lots of skin conditions and disorders. Then furthermore, cod liver oil also protects your cardiovascular ity and also it lowers your blood pressure.
The last stage of life that i’m gonna share with you is the elderlies. So with that as you know as you’re ageing, you’re sort of like ,your brain does, your brain activity does diminish.
It does get stagnant and a little bit slack. So with that cod liver oil is gonna really help to preserve the neurological cells. It also helps again with your inflammation regulation and also helps with joints, bones and mobility.
So all in all, cod liver oil is really great for everyone and at all stages of life. So that’s it for you today, guys.

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