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Hello, everyone. It’s cassie here from infinity coming to you today to chat about this week’s lives, which is talking about a ll things internal health.
So, yeah, my topic today is going to be talking about clean eating. So it’s something i’m also very passionate about because I believe truly and wholeheartedly, what you eat plays such a huge factor in not only skin health, but overall well being. Your mood, your energy levels.
Yes, and I know that sometimes people can be challenging, especially in this day society, with all the junk food and additives and preservatives in food that can become quite confusing on what’s healthy and what isn’t healthy and with sugar and all of that.
So I hope today I just want to chat about some things that I do in my diet that also my partner as well. He’s studying nutrition, so we’re both very passionate about it and also just sharing some tips on some products that we use that help with your health and well being.
I think a big thing with clean eating as well is to know why you want to do it. Know, you’re why you want to feel good. You want to nourish your body on and you want to inspire your loved ones, and other people want to do the same.
So when I think about clean eating, you want to think about whole foods. So trying, to, when you’re going down the shops, reading the ingredients on the packets, that’s a big thing.
So knowing what’s inside your products that you’re eating because you’ve just got added stuff in there that is just causing inflammation in the body and stress on your organs.
And yeah so that’s a big one looking at your ingredients. And there’s a lot of diet out there these days as well. There’s the keto diet.
There’s calorie restrictive eating. There’s the vegan vegetarian. And i’m not dissing these diets, and I think the vegetarian is amazing because you don’t want to hurt animals.
But with that, I think you know, for example, you go down the shops and then in the supermarket will say this burgers, keto and automatically. I think some people assume just because it says that ,that means that it’s healthy and yet you look at the ingredients lists and it’s just full of preservatives and fake me and mock me.
So yes, that’s the thing to look out for. So some tips for clean eating that I wanted to recommend is an obvious one. Is getting lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet and changing those up a as well, like not always eating the same ones all the time, changing it around because then you’re going to get more diverse vitamins and minerals.
And yeah it’s good to just change it up. Give. You gut a bit of a different tastes of different things. Another big thing that we love to do in our household as well is adding superfoods into your diet.
If you haven’t heard of that before, the name speaks for itself. It’s a super food, so it’s packed full of amazing ingredients and minerals and vitamins. And yeah so, for example, I have a little bit of a display of some of our must have items we have.
For example, a superfood is cacao, and you can add these to your smoothies, it’s just yeah tastes like chocolate. It’s beautiful.
So yeah and as well, spirulina. That’s another amazing super food lion’s mane, which I have here which is a mushroom that’s really good for brain health. So all of these things you can add to a smoothie, even acai you’ve heard of i’m sure of acai bowls, that’s amazing. Superfood packed full of antioxidants.
Amazing for skin health. Superfoods. Amazing for clean eating. Another thing I love to do is well, is add seeds into my food.
So, like hemp seeds that has all of your amino acids, which are your building blocks for proteins. So that’s very important, and it’s also got your healthy fats in there, too. Another one good see to have his pumpkin seeds because they contain zinc, which is really good for wound healing, especially if you suffer with acne.
That is a big one. A lot of people who do have acne do you have a bit of a zinc deficiency. So yeah pumpkin seeds is really good for that. So in your meals as well you want to make sure that you’re having fats, protein and carbs.
Don’t be scared of carbs. They’re good for you. It’s just a matter of the right carbs and not overdoing it. Of course, so healthy carbs are you’re like sweet potato, potato, quinoa.
So your healthy carbs, healthy fats as well. Avocado, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, as well, and then your protein source, which can be your meats.
And, if you don’t eat meat, tofu, tempeh and then I want to touch on meat as well. Just making sure if you do eat meat, that it’s proper meat, because a lot of it’s packed full hormones, which think then can disrupt your hormones.
And as well, you want to make sure that they’re properly looked after because the animals well being matters as well. That’s just another little tip, too. And then I wanted to share some more tips just on little healthy swaps that you could do so a big one is, I think, sauce.
So that’s sort on your salad sauce on your meat. A lot of people, they might do a big, healthy dish, and then they’re just smothering it in sauce, and it’s packed full of a lot of not nice things.
So I use a lot of like olive oil and herbs. I found that’s really good, and they certainly healthy alternatives now, like I found a really healthy aioli and it’s literally it was literally just garlic, olive oil, rosemary, salt and free range eggs. That was ingredients list, and it tasted delicious.
So there’s a lot of alternatives. Another couple of things. I have as tips for healthy swaps is hot chocolates. You can use the cacao as the superfood with a little bit of cinnamon.
Cinnamon is very good for you as well and almond milk. Which brings me on to touching on almond milk and all other milks like that too, being careful about what’s in the ingredients of those.
I use this brand. I just get it from coles and it’s really good. The ingredients are filtered australian water, organic almonds, organic sunflower oil and salt.
And that’s it. You’ll find that if you go have a look now at the other almond milks and stuff. There’s a lot of additives in there and preservatives so yeah just a little tip on that.
Another thing you do as well, instead of using things like vegemite. Sorry, not really the cleanest some like strawberry jam and stuff full of stuff. So using nut butters like almond butter peanut butter are delicious, it’s another little tip too, and as well herbal teas.
They’re beautiful as well. Very. You can just get all different nutrients from them to get liver cleansing. One’s good for the gut, calming. If you suffer with anxiety and stress, they could be really calming.
And then you can add things like ginger to a tea as well, which is great for the skin, too, because it’s an anti inflammatory and as well, tumeric.
Great for skin, anti inflammatory. As well. So I know there’s a lot of tips and a lot of information, but even if you just grab one or two things from this and add it to thing,add it to your diet to feel better, that’s yeah all you can ask and a big thing for me to is I see it as a lifestyle and not a diet and I believe it’s also 80% 20% so 80%
Healthy and then 20% indulge like I still love hot chips and all of that. So I think it’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself, too. Another couple of tips as well is I think it’s important to take a break in between your meals to allowing at least three or four hours to let it properly digest.
And that means as well chewing your food properly, too. So yeah, that’s a few tips I share on clean eating and having a whole food diet. I think it’s very important and if you’re someone that does struggle with a little bit, even just introduced something new every week. So i’d be like, hey, this week, i’m going to focus on getting more veggies into my diet.
And then next week, i’m gonna add more super foods on and yeah and as well with the really ingredients. At first it could be a lot, but you do get used to it.
So if you need any more tips or advice or support on clean eating, i’m always open to chat about it and give yes, see where you’re at with your diet and stuff. Yeah, I hope you got a little bit out of today and thank you all for watching, and we have nikita coming to you tomorrow to talk all things omegas.
So that’s very exciting, as it’s really good for your skin health and you’ll find out why. Have a good day. Guys, ciao.

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