Infusion Facial-Sonophoresis

Hey guys, it’s nikita here from infinitely skin and body again. So today i’m going to go over with you guys, our infusion facial and what it contains and sort of i’ll give you a little bit of a demonstration of the actual shovel so the ultrasonic shovels. So in your infusion facial you get it’s called the ultrasonic shovel.
So this is it here, this is it comes in like a nice little box. And this is the shovel. Okay, so this is pretty cool. You take off the cap and it’s got a little metal device. So this uses sound waves to vibrate your skin cells so that it can help push in.
Say you’re using a cleanser, helps push in the cleanser and then back out. So it’s giving you a deep cleanse, are really good for, like congested skins and sensitive skins that want a nice deep cleanse. But it’s not going to cause any trauma to the skin at all.
It’s just going to help manoeuvre that product in a bit deeper and then push it back out. So, on this one here it has three settings, so it has cleaning moisturising and lifting. So you don’t just cleanse with this, you also infuse with it. So when we’re facing it this way, this is cleansing. So it’ll go across the skin like this, and when we’re infusing its this way and we go like this, but I will show you so to turn it on and you just hold the button down and it makes a noise.
So the noises kind of like a buzzing, buzzing sound, so i’ll just click it to cleansing. So that’s the noise. It’s not too bad.
Then this is moisturising a little bit more of a pulsing sound. So this is when you would hold it this way on the skin. The lifting setting is also you can use to infuse things, so it’s just a little bit slower of a pulse. So i’m going to show you.
So this is just one part of the infusion facial. So with this, i’m going to show you how I cleanse. So i’m going to use my purastat cleanser. I’m just going to put a little bit on my hand, and rub it in here, and i’m also going tio, I don’t have water. I’m just going to use micellar water from ultraceuticals. I’m just going to put a little bit of water on there, just so it has a little bit of slip.
So rub that on there. Now i’m going to turn this on again, holding down and press cleansing. So we’re just going to go like this and you’ll start to see sometimes you actually see it spray up.
I’ll show you off of my hand so normally you would go on your face obviously wouldn’t normally do your hand, but it has just collected all of that from being pushed in and back out of my skin, giving that nice, deep cleanse, which is awesome.
Hold down to turn off, and hold down to turn on. So that’s just the product that i’ve put on my skin, and it’s pushed it in and out.
So gives you a really nice deep cleanse. So now you can also so you can infuse serums and masks and moisturisers, so i’m going to put it a little bit of serum on my hand, i’m just using my extreme b 17 just kind of rub that in. So this is going to help.
You can infuse pretty much any product. It’s just going to help you get those that better result that better nourishment because these products are being pushed down deeper. I’ll turn it on again now on the moisturising setting.
So I like to do just little circles like that, and the noise is actually quite relaxing when you when you are getting it done. It’s quite sort of like meditative. I guess you could say so i’m just gonna, you just would keep pushing this down and infusing until there’s kind of like no slip left and normally on the face when your cleansing we’re always going to be pushing up the same with when we are infusing, you’re going to be pushing up on the skin like that. Because obviously we don’t want to say anything down.
Okay, so you can also infuse masks and things like that, and it just helps you get that that deeper penetration without it being invasive or anything like that.
So that’s just one part of the infusion facial. So you get to take the ultrasonic shovel so you can also use this. You get to keep it and you get to use it in your own skin care routines.
And, then you also get a five step how to do sort of facial to do at home. So you have a cleanser, a exfoliant, a mask, a serum and a moisturiser.
And these can be, all completely tailored to your needs. Well, you have to do is book in for one of our free virtual consultations, and during this your, therapists will be able to go over exactly what products would be good for you all your skin needs and concerns and any questions that you have to do with further treatments and other products and everything like that go over absolutely everything.
So you get with the, the five step, you’ll receive the little pots so each pot will have a number labelled on it, and sometimes that we also put what the product is.
And then you get a little manual that will say when to do what step and what’s in it and how long to do it for things like that. So that’s really good. And you also get 2 to 3 uses out of the actual facial that come in the little pots, which is awesome. Two bit more supposed buck for you bite I guess that’s what you’d say.
But yeah, I think that’s pretty much. Pretty much everything I had to go over it’s just really good for, those clogged pores and decongesting your pores and all your blackheads and sort of everything that you kind of concerned with it’s going to really help with that.
My little sister. Actually, I used it on her, and she has quite a congested nose and, it was amazing because it started off so rough. And after just using the ultrasonic machine, it was so much smoother.
Just you could tell that it had been sort of pushed out. Everything was kind of lifting out. It looks really nice considering she doesn’t really use products that are too invasive. Yet she’s just kind of started off with her, her products of skin products and stuff. So, yeah, I think I was pretty much what I wanted to go over with you guys today.
Thanks for listening

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