How to use the gua sha and rose quartz roller!

Have you tried our rose quartz roller and gua sha stone? Watch to see how to use them and what they are good for 💕💕Featured in our $129 Mother’s Day Lux Detox package. Click the link below:

Posted by Infinity Skin + Body on Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Hello, everyone. It’s Tammy from infinity skin and body here again. I am just going to go over how to use our gua sha and rose quarts roller set at home. I have got on the aspect probiotic mask, you can also pop on some serums or even a moisturiser, and go over it with the roller or the stone which is going to help by infusing that product.

I always like to start with the gua sha stone which is really good for lymphatic drainage. I start on the forehead going out and down, so it’s really good for lymphatic drainage. Is going to help get rid of any toxins or any junk that’s going on inside the body. I personally suffer from acne and this is a really great way to get out all of the toxins that might be causing me to breakout.

Another thing that it’s really good for is reducing puffiness in the skin. I think it just feels nice as well. You’ll probably notice, I do even go a little bit pink. I’m not applying much pressure, it’s just bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin. On the cheeks and side of the face you want to direct the gua sha outwards. It’s nice to do under the eyes as well as it helps reduce puffiness. Just make sure that you’re not applying much pressure, once you do start applying pressure, it’s going to massage the muscles and completely avoid any lymph so make sure your pressure is nice and light.

Another thing its great for is relaxing the jaw muscle, I clench my jaw when I sleep and also grind my teeth, which is really annoying. But this is really good to run under the jaw which is a little bit more of a massage, depending what you’re wanting to use it for. Otherwise you can do a light pressure, and that’s going to help drain the lymph in that area.

Then we’ve got the roller, so this one feels great and its nice and cold. It’s going to help get rid of any puffiness, the little one you would just use under the area. I love doing this in the morning when you’ve just woken up to help get rid of any puffy eyes. You can also do the top of the eyelid, so you just want to make sure that you’re always draining outwards. Then the large one, you would just do pretty much the same action outwards.

Once you have drained the face you want to do down the neck into your clavicle which is where all of the lymph is going to drain and get excreted via the bodies removal processes. So that’s pretty much how you guys would use this set.

So these are included in the lux detox mother’s day package, which I have added in the description for you guys to have a look at. Otherwise, we do also sell these alone for $39.95

Thanks for watching guys.

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