How to look 10 years younger with our aspect night routine part 2

Hi, everyone. It’s tammy from infinity skin and body. I hope you guys are all well during this crazy time. I want to just jump on here because I didn’t get around to finishing part two of our anti ageing home care routine using aspect so this one is going to be your nighttime routine.

Okay, so a, lot of it is the same as what you would be using in the morning. But i’m also going to include some products that you would be using twice a week at nighttime or even in the morning as well, but not every single day.

So i’ll start of with. So you’ve got your cleanser. So, like I said, in the other live, you can either use your gentle cleanser or your purastat at for anti ageing.

She’s going to help to lift off any dirt or oil on the skin. Now, this one is everybody’s favourite. So this one is your fruit enzyme mask, this one is going to help lift off all of that dead skin.

And it’s also going to help hydrate your skin as well. So this one you do. I usually say twice a week. I personally do it at night time because I find I have a little bit more time at night. I’m not rushing around.

And then I like to do a mask afterwards as well, this one here, what you do, it’s just one pump.

You apply it to the face and you just leave it on for about 30 seconds to a minute. The consistency will change. And then you’ll just start rubbing it in until you start to feel all of that dead skin come off.

I like to leave that one on as well as like, a little mask. Then, once i’ve left out on for about 10 minutes, wash it off and then that’s when you would go in with another mask.

So this one here is also really popular. This one here you actually leave on so you pop it on and then you go to sleep so it’s a sleeping mask, so it’s once full of probiotics, so it helps to balance out any off that good and bad bacteria on the skin.

But it’s also really, really hydrating and calming for the skin, so it’s good for anti ageing is good for people who are prone to break outs, anyone who just needs a little bit of hydration.

Pop it on before you go to bed and then just wash it off when you wake up. Aspect also has a hydrating mask, which you do wash off, or their clay mask as well, which you do also wash off.

So if you choose to use one of the other masks once you wash it off, that’s when you would go in with your serums. So this one here is the vitamin b serum. This one’s really good it has your vitamin b polly peptides, and it’s going to help stimulate collagen in the skin.

And it also helps to block any production of pigmentation and regulates your oil flow. So it does lots and lots of things, but really good. If you are wanting anti ageing next one, you would go in with another serum. This one is your super p d serum.

Thiss one is the one I spoke about in the other live where it helps to repair dna damage. So if you are someone who spent a lot of time in the sun when you were a bit younger and you’re noticing a bit of like a leathery type, look off the skin or if you’re getting some pigmentation, this is really good on but also helps to hydrate the skin.

So bonus now. Retinol. This one is my favourite, and i’m sure it’s a lot of other people’s favourite serum as well, this one you only use at night time.

Okay, that’s really important. Make sure you’re not using it in the morning because it can cause some photo sensitivity to the sun. So this one here is the serum that penetrates the deepest into the skin and it helps to get that collagen production going so really, really good. It also helps teo increase your cell turnover so it’s going to get off that dead skin and make your skin nice and glowy.

So after your serums, you would just go in with a moisturiser. So, like I said before, aspect has lots of moisturisers to choose from.

But this one here is your phytostat, so it’s pretty much all round the moisturiser. It’s going to give you nice hydration and then you would follow up with an eye cream, this ones important not only for people who are wanting anti ageing but also people like myself who are in their twenties.

It’s really important to start using an eye cream now for prevention, okay, before it’s too late. So that is pretty much your nighttime facial for anti ageing if you guys are interested. We are doing online consultations at the moment because we can’t see anyone in clinic.

They have been really popular, so i’m actually do get in quick. We can go over your whole home care routine with you. We’re also doing at home facials so we can choose a facial which will suit your skin. Type the best and don’t forget just cause very in isolation. You’ve got to keep looking after your skin, and i’m sure a lot of you have more time to do that now that you are home. All right, guys, that’s it for the live.

Look after yourself and we hope to see guys in clinic when we reopen bye

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