How to home needle with our at home dermal roller!

How to home needle with our new dermal roller 💕💕💕This will help to increase product absorption as well as stimulate collagen 🥰Click the link below for our wind back the years Mother’s Day package which includes this home roller!

Posted by Infinity Skin + Body on Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Hi, everyone. It’s Tammy here from infinity skin and body. Today, I just wanted to come on here and show you guys how to use the new needling roller. So this one is new in clinic and it is to be used at home.

So this one is 0.5mm in depth, so it’s not very deep. You arent going to feel any pain or get any bleeding with this one. I will show you what it looks like you can barely even see the needles. What i’m going to do, i’m actually going to avoid this area today because I do have a few active breakouts. I have already cleansed my face, I know some people like to pop a serum on first and then needle. I like to needle on fresh, clean skin and then put my serums or masks on afterwards to help them be absorbed better. So i’m just going to show you what I would do.

I always start in the middle and you want to go up and down. I usually do about 10 passes and you can probably see it starting to go a little bit red. I go read very easily, so don’t be scared and i’m not applying any pressure at all. I’m just letting the needles do their job so you would do the whole half of your face and then go in the opposite direction.

These home rollers are included in some of our mother’s day packages. You can also buy them on their own.

I’m just going diagonal now, so because I have gone pretty red pretty quickly on the diagonal application I normally do about 10 passes. I don’t know if you can see the difference from that side to that side, but it’s gone pretty pink, and then you would just do the other half of the forehead.

So the reason why I like to do the rolling is because I do have a bit of scarring down here. So it is going to help to break down that scarring a little bit, and s it’s also going to help with the products that I put on afterwards to be absorbed.

This is great to do in between your treatments at home as there’s not a lot that you can actually do at home besides from using your products. So this is really, really good to do at home in between your needling sessions or just in between any other treatments that you do get done in clinic. I promise you it doesn’t hurt, I can feel it kind of feels like a little bit prickly, but that’s it. I also like to focus on my frown line or any wrinkles

I know some people like to go right up to the eye, but personally, I would probably want to use 0. 25 mmm under the eye area. So this one’s a little bit too deep. You can it just depends on your preference. And then we’re going diagonal.

When you do go red/pink it’s a pretty good indication that you don’t need to work on it anymore, so then you would just do the other side. It is really important to make sure you are cleaning the needles, you can use denture to soak ,otherwise you can buy disinfectant sprays to clean your needles. This is really important to avoid infections.

I put mine into glass with the denture tablet and pop a cotton round on the bottom of the glass so you dont blunt the needles and soak for about an hour. Once that is done, place it upside down in the needling container and let air dry. After that I am going to put on a peptide mask and then some serums and moisturiser.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for watching.

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