Facials for you during lockdown

Hello, Everybody coming to you live from infinity skin and body. It’s cassie here, crazy times with lockdown. But although we can’t do treatments in clinic on anyone, we are still adapting to our situation for you all to bring you your self care and your skin care needs.
And I wanted to let you know another promotion that we have on it the moment because that’s what i’m letting you all know about awesome promotions. So this one is our $1 at home ultraceuticals facial. So what this entails is we take you through a virtual online consultation.
Discuss or your skin needs your skin concerns with one of our amazing therapist here, and then we tailor a facial to your needs. And then we send that facial to your home for you to do with a step by step on how to do the facial.
We have anti ageing. We have enzyme, so we have a couple of facial options and we will tailor it to you. But this one is for the $1 ultraceuticals one. So that will be an ultraceuticals facial.
But yet we do offer the other at home facials too. So lots of options for you. In order to qualify for the $1 at home facial, you need to spend just $50 on a product.
So a great opportunity to receive your at home facial and also spend on the on a skin care that you need for at home because a lot of our skin health comes from what you’re using on your skin at home. As i’m sure a lot of us are aware of the now.
So yeah, awesome opportunity to self care at home during this lockdown because we can’t really go anywhere. So if you have any more questions or anything, we’re always here through our messages so dm us and our clinic once again is still open for retail.
So if you need products or anything and we can also ship to you the products that you need so, yeah, we’re open mondays to saturdays, so they always always be a therapist here if you need.
So yeah, i’ll come to you again live or as well, one of the other girls who come to you live soon, to, keep you in communication with everything that’s going on and all the amazing things that we still have to offer here at infinity skin and body, because we’re all about keeping you happy and wanting to motivate you to do self care for you because it makes you feel good to fill your cup so it overflows.
To fill other people’s cups. That’s important, especially during this time. So that’s me done for today. But I hope you are all doing well. Staying positive and.
We will get through this all together and yeah, take care, guys, and we’ll see you soon.

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