Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Injectables

As an RN, certified cosmetic injector and skin expert, Sarah prides herself on her holistic and natural approach to facial aesthetics.

With a vast nursing background specialising in oncology (cancer), emergency & consultancy roles she understands patient needs with an exceptionally personal touch and prides her work with high end finish.

In meeting Sarah, you will feel at ease without pressure. you will be led through a comprehensive skin and health assessment to ascertain your desired skin and aesthetic goals.

Working together we will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs with the cosmedical element of self-care in mind.


Cosmetic Injectables Pricing
Anti wrinkle (per unit)
From $5.90
Anti wrinkle (2 areas)
Anti wrinkle (3 areas)
Brow Lift
Filler all areas (1ml)
Filler all areas (2ml)
Filler all areas (3ml)
Filler add on
Lip filler (0.5ml)
Lip filler (1ml)
Lip flip/gummy add on
Chin dimple add on
Immunity, skin booster, IV
Fat Dissolving
Hyperhydrosis (armpit)
Masseters/face slimming

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