Cassie’s Skin Journey

Hi, everyone. It’s cassie from infinity here coming to you with another live this week we are doing something different and we are talking about us as skin therapist, our journey with our skin.
We’ve all got our own little story and I think it’s our inspiration to help others with there’s because we know how it feels like. So my skin journey, emphasis on the word journey.
It’s definitely one. So I remember suffering with pimples. It was never really flared up acne like aggravated acne. But it was definitely just irritation in the skin and pimples. Since I was, like, 14 I just always had them.
Nothing I tried got rid of them, same as tammy, ive tried proactive. It just completely stripped my oil and just went really sore and flaky.
I nearly rathered the pimples than dealing with that. So that didn’t work. Yeah, just for years and years. I just always had them kind of just accepted it being like, okay, and I was never cautious. I don’t think there was as much education back then.
I’m 26 now. By the way, there wasn’t as much education back then on what you’re putting on your skin even make up.
So I was using like, mac. I don’t mean to throw him under the bus, but keeping it real just products that weren’t necessarily good for the skin. So yeah, it was just using all those products.
Didn’t have knowledge around what skin care to use. Just use whatever from the shops. Clearly wasn’t working well and yeah, just like what I said just continuously had pimples came to terms with and then so I went on and off the pill. As well, I was one of those. This is when I was probably through my 17 18 19 year old phase and that threw off my pimples as well because I just wasn’t consistent with it and just want to say as well with the pill.
Not that i’m saying I don’t believe in it because, you know, I think western medicine has its place, but it is synthetic hormones, so it’s not natural for the body. So obviously that’s yeah, so but the pill didn’t really work for me, and then that was sending my body crazy with hormones as well, then for a couple of years, keeping it real again. My cycle wasn’t on track, which is obviously as well, another indication to your hormones being off which then was still flaring up my acne and. I was getting at same as tammy in her live that she was explaining just around there, which is signs of hormonal.
So yeah, that was just a bit of a bit of a pain. And then yeah, so just learned to live with that kind of thing. Didn’t really seek out and he helped just kind of whatever.
And then, a real change for me was, I started to get really healthy and eat whole foods and just really focus on that. And that helped tremendously so much. And then, yeah, so cleaning up the diet didn’t eat dairy.
No gluten, sometimes not saying i’m gluten intolerant like I wouldn’t not eat bread. It’s just what type of bread and yeah so, cleaned up the diet, which helped with skin a lot and also helped with balancing out my cycle little bit, still a little bit irregular and then it wasn’t until I went to beauty school and then it started to really flare up again. And this time I was actually like, really inflamed and, I couldn’t pinpoint what it was because it was like I wasn’t eating dairy.
I was healthy. I just really couldn’t figure it out. And then so this is a little secret of mine, I actually used to have a really massive peanut butter obsession like really, really bad.
I would eat just spoonfuls of it, because in my mind I was like, oh, yeah, peanut butter is healthy and yes, it is. But it’s actually really high in omega six.
So that was whacking off my balance in healthy fats, which was then causing inflammation in the skin. So actually cut that down and. Then I saw a massive improvement with the inflammation so much and then, sorry. It’s a really, really long journey and then I went and as well, just wanted a little bit of extra help.
I went and saw a naturopath wonderful naturopath at gisbourne health essentials in gisbourne her name’s nicole. She’s fantastic, and she worked with a lot of skin clients, and she just gave me a few extra tips to add into my diet, which has helped tremendously as well.
So yeah, massive thing for me with my skin journey is internal, like looking after yourself internal and that will represent on top and then obviously skin treatments. Too, like when I first got needling done, that was huge for me. That really helped me a lot of kind of just regulated things again and got it working properly and, then getting into the cosmeceuticals.
Skin care as well has bean huge too. So, yeah, I think that’s summed up my long skin care, skin journey, not skincare, but it’s a journey and I would honestly, seriously, with all skin things and just in life in general, really think about what you’re eating, what you’re putting on your skin, your make up, even like your perfumes and.
Your air fresheners like there can be synthetic ingredients in there that can be throwing off your hormones. And then you’ll get that shown up in your skin from you know, it could be eczema or acne or yeah, so I just think to be conscious of those things.
And if you need some further advice, as, you’re probably aware we are still doing our free skin consultation. So we’re here to support you because it is a journey. But we’re here to support and help.
And there is light at the end of the acne tunnel or skin concern tunnel. And to love your skin throughout as well. Wherever your skins, at just try and yeah, just try and still love it. I’ve seen a lot of really inspiring and beautiful posts with some people, some young women.
I haven’t seen any men. That’s why some young women and they’ve got really inflamed acne, and they’re not showcasing it. But they’re not hiding it.
And they’re just, just like showing it for how it is. And they’re not. Because we all know if we’ve suffered with it, that it could be debilitating, and you don’t want to look at it.
But yeah, if you’re someone that suffering with that go and, watch those videos, even just youtube just be like acne.
What could you type people who love their acne, I don’t know. And maybe just get a bit of inspiration. To, try love the journey. And where at so thank you for listening.
Hopefully didn’t just babble on too much, but yeah. So I believe taryn tomorrow is going. To, tell you about her skin journey, so yeah. I hope you enjoy that, too. And enjoy your day, guys. Thank you.

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