Carine’s Skin Journey

Hey everyone it’s carine here. So what i’m going to do today is to share my journey with you all. So where do I begin? Alright so, going through puberty.
I, I sort of had, like that heavy oil flow my skin, my oil flow was pretty thick and gluggy. It did bother me heaps, so with that I sort of started using, you know, like your harsh cheap cleanser because back then, you know like couldn’t, parents couldn’t afford too much with us going to school. So I started using those sort of harsh cleanser’s so I was cleansing my skin twice a day. Morning and night, going to school.
And when I was at home, I was doing it a third time throughout the day because I didn’t like that oil flow at all. So by doing so, I was stripping away, like making sure it was vigorous stirring away all that oil, and then I didn’t moisturiser, because I thought if I didn’t put on any moisturiser I would not have any oil flow.
So that was where was going wrong also, I was exfoliating every other night, so I used you know, i’m sure we’ve all been there. I was using your you know, a thick apricot granular.
It’s already rough as it is, but I was putting more pressure like really scrubbing everything out of my skin, in my head I was like the more I scrub, the softer it was it was soft actually afterwards, straight afterwards.
But then on the long run, you know, like what’s going on so that was the main thing for me, like through puberty.
So from that my skin sort of went down hill, like my skin kept producing more oil but then it was inflamed, rough and with darker skin, I started getting your, I didnt know it was pigmentation and all of but I could see balls like rough bumps also like your hyperpigmentation. I didn’t know anything about that so I started breaking out. When I was breaking out, I did the wrong thing. That we always preach to everyone not to do, I was picking with my fingers.
I was picking on my acne and pimples so, that made it worse. And so yeah, through my, so like all through high school my skin was up and down and like I felt awful. I didn’t feel confident and I didn’t even realise it was self inflicted, so a little bit about that.
But also, one more thing is growing up in mauritius. Having darker skin and never thought someone with darker skin should wear spf sun protection. I thought, if you’re dark, you don’t burn outside and you don’t have to protect your skin I didnt, know anything about that so never wore spf the only time I would wear my sun protection was, if we were going at the beach, sort of an all day thing when I would cover my whole body. But that’s about it.
Never, I didn’t even know about your different uv rays, the one that’s going to give you a tan and the one that’s going to damage your skin, your dna, you’re what’s going to give you skin cancer so did not never heard of skin cancer before I was living under a rock, so that’s pretty much it.
Then, after high school, I decided to come to australia to do my beauty therapy course. And when I came here just before sort of my beauty, therapy course. Straight came to australia, I went on to still struggling with my skin. I went onto your your generic three step acne skin care.
As you can imagine, this didn’t work for me. Either, just made my skin worse and I started my beauty, course once I sort of like it’s like and eye opener.
I learnt all about proper skincare, sun protection, how your skin functions and, you know, and so on.
That’s when i, like, understood all the damage, i’ve done to my skin and sort of from there. You know, I wss more aware, getting more education, like knowing what I was doing wrong.
Unfortunately, I like, being an international student. I didn’t have all like I didn’t have the finances to buy, like a product that I wanted for myself.
So I was stuck with pharmacy products. I didn’t really improve my skin. And then after that, I was quite lucky. After my course, I got a job.
I got a job at the, at a day spa, was quite lucky, I got that job. At the day spa. With my first paycheck. I was like, I made a promised myself.
I need to look after my skin because to me I was like, I can’t preach something, but then i’m not doing it myself. I’m that sort of person. So I went all out with my first paycheck.
I got the whole range. I was like, let’s do it. Start from scratch, do it right this time so I got your cleanser, your toner, eye makeup remover, exfoliant on your mask.
Spf, spf your serums are pretty much went all out from that, I think took me around six weeks roughly. That’s when I started seeing like a light at the end of the tunnel.
So my skin started. It was like a new beginning for me. So from there I was very, very self conscious until now so that was back in 2013.
So from then, I always been religious. We’ve must skincare. And yeah so i’ve always from that, like for my first job, where I started my new skin care. I’ve always sort of leveld up, like built up my skin care so thats pretty much my skin journey. Guys, I hope you’ve all enjoy’d and i’m sure lots of you can relate. We’ve all been there.
We all had ups and downs, and I still like have my hormonal breakouts, but i’ve never had any sort of acne again. I was really, really happy, but I committed to my skin care and yeah, thanks.

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