Taryn’s Skin Journey

Hi, everyone and happy saturday. It’s been a beautiful day today, so I hope that everyone got out and enjoyed some peace and quiet in the sun, but also hoping that you will use sunscreen as well. So this week’s been all about our, you...

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Nikita’s Skin Journey

Hi, guys. So I don’t know what happened, but my live deleted for some reason. So I thought I just come back on here and just kind of go through again. My own skin journeys. So my name is nikita. It’s really nice to meet you all...

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Tammy’s Skin Journey

Hello everybody tammy from infinity skin and body here. So this week we are doing something a little bit more casual. And we’ve decided to share our own skin journeys with you all. So literally, I think all of the therapists have suffered...

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Products for Keratosis Pilaris

Hi, everyone taryn here from infinity coming to speak to you guys a little bit more about keratosis pilaris. So far, we’ve sort of gone over a few things like what it looks like, how it’s formed and also what different treatments. So...

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Causes For Keratosis Pilaris

Hi, everyone. It’s Tammy from infinity skin and body just coming on here for one of our lockdown lives. So this week’s topic is keratosis pilaris. So for those of you who did miss taryn’s live yesterday, basically what keratosis...

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What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Hi everyone taryn from infinity here for one of our new lockdown lives. Now this week, we have actually chosen something a little bit different, something the guys might not know about. So essentially, what we are talking about is called sorry...

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