At Home Facial’s

Hello, everybody. It’s cassie from infinity skin and body coming to you live to chat about today some more about at home facials that we have to offer for you during this lock down period.
Perfect time to do some self care while we will have the time and make ourselves feel good. So to get into the facials, the different options that we have, we have the first one i’ll talk about is one for acne skin.
So this will be detoxifying anti bacterial. A, lot of your salicylic acids will be in the products that we send out to you. So yeah, we have an acne one.
We also have one for pigmentation. So it’s frightening and helps fight against any pigment coming about more and. We also have an anti ageing one. So we want to boost that hydration with the anti ageing we have collagen boosting ingredients in there as well, which is always great for the skin.
And we also have an option for our prin facial so the lymphatic one, which is that one that you might have seen in photos or video. We do a lot here at infinity.
It’s the one where it goes like tight on the skin and then you get those little veins the vascular veins sometimes on and, it’s boosting circulation, boosting nutrients to yourselves so it’s just really nutritious for the skin to get that circulation flowing, so we can actually send that to you for you to complete a home. As well, that’s a great facial. To do as well, say if your in between getting peels done or needling because it’s just going to help boost that nutrition and oxygen, which is to get long term better results with those treatments as well.
So with the at home facials will book you in for a skin consult that’s what we would recommend, and it’s all done online. We can do it through facebook messenger or skype or zoom.
There’s a few options, and then we can discuss your needs and what you’re after. What your skin concerns our to best suit an at home facial for you, and then we send you all to your house.
Or we might even be able to drop it off if you’re local to the sunbury area, so we have all your options sorted. It will come with a list of all the instructions of how to perform the facial.
We also encourage for you to turn it into, like, a little ritual. Are home to make the moment special to make you feel good.
So, yeah, recommend for you to book in for a consult so we can have a chat. And yeah, we also have some other facials options as well. We have a six week boot camp which, if you send us a message, we can contact you to have more details about that. And we also have our $1 or ultraceuticals facial as well.
So we have everything for your needs during this lockdown period. And as well, we are taking bookings for when we are hoping to be open.
So that will be in about six weeks time. Wait no, about four weeks. I think we’re in week 2 off the second wave of lockdown.
So but yeah, just give us a message or give us a call way have a therapist in clinic pretty much every day except sundays. But you can still messages on that day. Any needs any questions on be open for retail with products as well.
So we have all your lockdown skin, self care, self love sorted. So I hope everyone is keeping well and staying positive.
It’s pretty crazy at the moment, but that’s why we really want to encourage all of this self care you do for yourself because it makes you feel good. So that’s enough for me today.
But I will speak to you, see bye.

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