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Hello, everyone happy thursday. So all of our lives this week have been, all about our amazing promotions and offers and at home facial kits that we can offer to you guys.
So, so far we have spoken about our prim enzyme at home facial, and we’ve spoken about our, sonophoresis, infusion facial kit as well. And also our $1 ultraceuticals at home facials.
So if you are interested in any of those, go back and watch the lives to find out, more and yeah they’re amazing deals. And today I will be talking about all of our wonderful packages that we have to offer, so they could be a gift to a loved one.
Even with christmas coming up, it’s a perfect opportunity to encourage a bit of self care, to a loved one or even gift it to yourself.
So the first package is called wind back the years package, and this includes you receive an at home dermal roller and also an anti, anti ageing facial treatment kit. You receive a aromatherapy infinity candle. Smells beautiful, and you also get a $70 re booking voucher amazing. And then you get a free full skin professional consultation, and all of this is valued at $129.
So that is an amazing deal. And next package that we have is called the totally lux detox package. So this one includes a kit of your rose quartz facial roller perfect for your lymphatic system to get drained and pick up those toxins, and you also get in the same kit, a little gua sha, which is similar to the roller, are moving that lymphatic system, and it’s just a beautiful little at home tool.
You also get a facial kit with that one as well, and another beautiful aromatherapy candle and a skin consultation as well with one of our amazing therapists and a also a $70 booking voucher.
So that’s your lux detox package, and then we go into our face and feet rescue package. This one includes you get a facial kit with all of our organic, saya products.
They’re all natural botanical ingredients, so they’re beautiful, and you get a foot exfoliation peel. We have some before and after photos off those as well on our instagram and facebook, so if you want to check those out, they’re amazing.
Then we have in that package as well another candle and the skin consultation. And in that one, you get a $50 rebooking voucher, all for the value ofthe $79.
So that such an amazing deal and then our last but not least other package that we have is out $49 pamper box. So this includes an at home infinity signature facial kit.
You get a candle, as well and a online skin consultation, and a free $50 re booking voucher for the value ofthe $49. So you get more in your package than what it’s worth in all these packages, they’re amazing.
So, yeah, if you’re interested in any of these, I will pop a link in the information box, whether it’s up there or down there and click on that and we will organise one of those beautiful packages to get delivered to your house.
So, yeah, that’s our packages that we have to offer. And we will be coming to you again tomorrow with another live stay tuned and you’ll find out what other things we have to offer at home.
Enjoy your day and thank you so much. Ciao

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