Ageing and lifestyle factors!

Hello. Everyone back again today, so we’re going to go over our ageing again. But this one is going to be our last live for the week. So what i’m going to go over today is just briefly some lifestyle factors which can cause premature ageing. So I know taryn a little bit when over it at the start of the week
and, I know you’ve probably heard that things like uv exposure, which is obviously sun exposure, alcohol abuse, smoking stress all of these things can cause premature ageing.
But I just want to educate you a little bit on why these things cause premature ageing and why you should avoid these things. So I guess the first thing that i’ll talk about is smoking and why smoking actually causes premature ageing.
So I guess the first thing it does is that breaks down your collagen and elastin in the skin. So these are the things that are going to keep your skin like if I pinch my skin here, it bounces straight back.
That’s your elastin and collagen is what helps kind of keeping us firm, firm skin. So we’re not getting those wrinkles and fine lines, so it breaks down collagen and elastin, and it also narrows your blood vessels, which means you’re not getting as much blood flow to the skin as what you should because of that smoking.
What that’s doing is also lacking in oxygen nutrients and vitamin a aswell, which is probably the number one anti ageing ingredient that we need in the skin. So that’s basically what smoking does it also with the like, the pursing, constant pursing of the lips.
You’re going to get those fine lines and wrinkles over time from constantly making that action. Now i’m going to talk about alcohol abuse aswell, just keep in mind, i’m just here to educate you.
I’m not trying to tell you to stop smoking or to stop drinking alcohol, just educating you on perhaps why you might want to stop doing those things. So alcohol abuse, One of the biggest things it does is actually releases a stress hormone in the skin, which speeds up the ageing process and it also really, really, severely dehydrates the skin.
So they found that people who do abuse alcohol have really, really dehydrated skins, so their skin might not actually be as wrinkled as they think it is.
It’s just the dehydration that’s kind of causing those wrinkles to appear worse than what they are. Another thing that alcohol does is stimulates inflammation, so you’ll see a lot of the time that people who do abuse alcohol get a lot of those vascularities in the skin, which can be a sign of ageing as well as, like redness and rosacea so we want to avoid alcohol abuse if we can, every now and then is completely fine and the third thing that I want to quickly talk about, another lifestyle factor and probably the biggest cause ofthe premature ageing in australia is uv damage.
So going out in the sun without sunscreen, without a hat, without covering up basically that is again going to break down the collagen and elastin in skin. Another thing that it will do is damage that outer layers of the skin, which is then going to thicken the skin, and it gives you that leathery kind of appearance that you’ve probably seen with people who spend a lot of time in the sun. They get that leathery, dark, thickened skin, which we want to avoid. And also, it’s going to cause pigmentation and vascularities once again.
So there’s also other signs of ageing and the last two things that I want to touch on, which are stress. So if you’re constantly in a state of stress, you’re going to speed up the ageing process.
So try and relax, do your meditation, and also lack of sleep aswell can cause premature ageing. So making sure that you’re getting a good night’s rest is going to keep you young, because that’s when our skin cells they’re repairing, they’re regenerating when we’re asleep.
So if you’re not getting that sleep, you’re missing out on that process of, you know, keeping that skin nice and healthy. So it’s pretty much all that I want to go over with you today, guys. Just a little bit of education.
I guess why you should be avoiding these things or give you some more information to make your own decision rather than just saying stop smoking or stop drinking, so stay tuned for next week because next week is going to be an interesting one. We’re going to go over scarring.
So all the different types of scarring, what causes it? Products that are really good at treating scarring and also treatments aswell. So enjoy the rest of your day. Guys, hopefully you’ve got an outside because it’s beautiful, nice and sunny.
And if you are, please put your sunscreen on. And where your hat. All right, guys, thanks for watching see ya.

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