Monthly Archives: September 2020

Internal Health Lives-Gut Health

Hello, everybody is tammy from infinity skin and body back again to do one of our lives. So this week has been all about internal health and how that impacts on your skin. So I hope you’ve got in lots out of it. Specifically today I am...

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Internal health-cod liver oil

Hi, everyone. It’s carine here from infinity skin and body. I hope you all have enjoyed nikita’s live yesterday about your omegas. So just to quickly recap about your omegas. So with your omegas, you’ve got your epa and dha...

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Internal Health-Clean eating

Hello, everyone. It’s cassie here from infinity coming to you today to chat about this week’s lives, which is talking about a ll things internal health. So, yeah, my topic today is going to be talking about clean eating. So it’s...

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Omegas-Internal Health

Hey, guys. So it’s nikita again, welcome back to another infinity skin and body live. So today and this week is all been about internal health. So i’m going to go over omega’s what they are, what they’re good for, what...

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Carine’s Skin Journey

Hey everyone it’s carine here. So what i’m going to do today is to share my journey with you all. So where do I begin? Alright so, going through puberty. I, I sort of had, like that heavy oil flow my skin, my oil flow was pretty thick...

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Cassie’s Skin Journey

Hi, everyone. It’s cassie from infinity here coming to you with another live this week we are doing something different and we are talking about us as skin therapist, our journey with our skin. We’ve all got our own little story and I...

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Taryn’s Skin Journey

Hi, everyone and happy saturday. It’s been a beautiful day today, so I hope that everyone got out and enjoyed some peace and quiet in the sun, but also hoping that you will use sunscreen as well. So this week’s been all about our, you...

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Nikita’s Skin Journey

Hi, guys. So I don’t know what happened, but my live deleted for some reason. So I thought I just come back on here and just kind of go through again. My own skin journeys. So my name is nikita. It’s really nice to meet you all...

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Tammy’s Skin Journey

Hello everybody tammy from infinity skin and body here. So this week we are doing something a little bit more casual. And we’ve decided to share our own skin journeys with you all. So literally, I think all of the therapists have suffered...

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