$1 Ultraceuticals at home facial

Hello everyone, it’s carine here from infinity. I hope your all doing well, so for today I am talking about our $1 at home facial. So basically what it is, it’s you spent $50 on skin care with us and you get your $1 facial at home delivered to your doorstep so I will quickly go through what you get.
With the facial and everything. So you would book in for your consultation with us so we would have an online consultation our therapist will do, like really thorough consultation with you. Check your lifestyle, skin concerns what products you are using. If you’re happy, we will see how we can improve your skin care and your skin, obviously.
So once we do that, we would offer, we would recommend a really personalised product range for you, to see what’s going to really help with your skin once we do that, like I said, you spend your $50 and then you will receive your $ facial delivered at home. So with the facial we keep it pretty simple so we can all perform it at home. So with that we’ve got three main ones, so you’ve got your anti ageing.
You’ve got your acne and the third one is your pigmentation. So our at home facial, has been really, really popular has been a really popular offer since the lock down because you can still get your professional facial at home and you can do it yourself, understanding the steps and have the facial’s performed so that’s quite special.
So with the facial it’s self you’ve got your professional products all packed individually in little jars for you and all labelled so you have your cleanser. You have your exfoliant you also have your mask.
You also have your serums, and moisturiser all of that for your facial, as if you were in the salon with us. So you’ve got that.
All of this will be delivered in a beautiful package at your doorstep, with your instructions having all the different steps, for you so you can perform your facial as you would have it from us, at the salon.
So that’s pretty much it for you, it’s pretty simple. It’s a sweet offer and it has been really, really popular during the lock down.
So if you have not had the facial yet, or if you want to have a second one, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you. And i’ve got the link down below.
So click on that. It’s gonna really tell you how, to get and access our facial. So that’s it for you guys today. Thank you.

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